Sunday, 30 November 2008

Tyrant or liberator

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God was becoming tired of people doubting his strength and told Moses he would disinherit them. Moses knowing how much they needed God’s help acknowledged the fact and told God that he would reassure the congregation by telling them again of the feats they had witnessed and tried to explain the spacecraft to them. It seems it appeared like a cloud during the day and by night it appeared as fire, which might mean the crews could manufacture clouds to conceal their ships, or was the cloud by day, simply the exhaust from the power pack that drove the machine glowing red, with heat or friction in the dark at night. We have already established that God has all the feelings of a human (or, perhaps that should be vice-versa) and already he is threatening the nations of disbelievers of the dire consequences that will be thrust upon them if they continue to doubt his dominant presence. We were brought up believing God was all that was good, but most of the Old Testament consists of wars guided by God, protecting his followers as they obey his orders to conquer each city destroying all that suits him depending on who or what they are.
These acts are now classed as genocide so, we have got to ask the question, is God a dictator with ideas in a parallel to Hitler and Saddam Hussein? Coming from a planet with all that power and superior knowledge he needed to fear no one and as his aim was to annihilate anyone or any nation that stood in his way or, did not obey his laws, makes me wonder if he is forcing everyone to do things his way or else. In fact that is what he is doing while demonstrating to the people in that era of his power and, leaving a record of it so we will know what to expect on his return. If we don’t abide by his rules we will end up in hell for eternity and, if we do obey we get our reward by going to Heaven for eternity which is obviously the better choice (as far as we are being led to believe anyway). These are the ideals of someone who having achieved perfection wants to ensure all he can see and reach will come under his control to share the same good life he has in heaven. Does this not run along the same lines as the dictatorships that we have witnessed on earth by some country’s leaders who would like to have ruled the world by creating fear and ridding the earth of the races that displeased them?
The only justification I can find for God’s dictatorship is that he has got a better ending in sight for his believers compared to Hitler and his like and, it will be our own fault if we choose to ignore his warnings, his demonstrations of power and his forecast of what has to come. The regular genocide carried out by God would be to try and make earth as close as possible to the perfection in Heaven but, eventually realising this was not possible decided he would take the good people of earth to his planet Heaven after he continued to try and improve earth as best as he could. God has promised us that Heaven is great but God’s idea of Heaven might not be what we want Heaven to be and it might turn out something like the dictatorships that have occurred on earth where the people were suppressed. Either way (compared to hell) he would still be the lesser of two evils and, it would really leave us no choice even if this turns out to be the case.

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