Monday, 1 December 2008

Manipulative churches

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The book of Numbers mentions “fiery serpents” sent among people who spoke against God killing them with a bite, and by the description of them they could just as well be guns being fired, killing the folk with what would seem like a bite, to them. Every new invention from heaven produced in front of the people, created a new problem for them to describe so, naturally they would refer to something they could relate to such as a serpent in this case. The wars that God assisted Moses and the Children of Israel with, was to gain land that had been promised them, by God and he helped them slay anyone who stood in their way. Does that not take away the notions brainwashed into us that God was all that is good. He decries murder, yet encourages it when it’s for a cause he approves of. The conscientious objectors of our world wars did not take that into account when they refused to fight. No blame falls directly on them for this as the blame lies in the Churches, who contorted the scriptures to suit their own ends although, more in Medieval Times and from which church leaders of today derive their beliefs. It was through the greed of the church leaders who conspired with the crown and used the Bible for their own gain the true meaning of the scriptures was lost. For the sake of land gain and riches for the Church and the hierarchy and, as the years that had past since Jesus was born the Churches thought they could manipulate the scriptures to suit the wishes of their Kings and Queens keeping them sweet, while reaping the rewards even at times allowing the crown to dictate to them. One example being Clemont the fifth being called the puppet Pope because he took orders from Philip the fourth of France who used him to meet his needs, a case of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. As the years went past certain chapters and gospels (the lost gospels as they are now known) ones that should have been entered in the Bible were discarded for this reason and as each new generation came along they accepted and trusted the preachings of church leaders instead of forming their own opinion of the Bible. It suits the Christians in today’s world too, however, as they too manipulate the word of God for their own ends.
The lost gospels sometimes referred to as the Gnostic gospels, non-canonical gospels or apocryphal as some scholars call them, because most of them were written under assumed names and have obscure origins. This uncertainty about there origins was one of the reasons they were excluded from the Bible, but some were also excluded because of unorthodox or heretical views. This information can be found on the internet under lost gospels.

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