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The Aztec connection

Teotihuacan, Aztec ruins outside Mexico CityImage by tchelseat via Flickr

Although the Aztecs and the Incas were of a later date, we have to include them as possible cultures brought here by the commanders, and most likely to have come from the same vicinity in the Universe as the Nazcas and the Pharaohs. Their culture’s and intelligence, plus their knowledge of the stars put them in the same category. We put it down to superstition and strange beliefs, the way some people from the past worshiped so called false Gods, and performed strange rituals. Have we ever stopped to wonder why, for thousands of years before Jesus was born, inhabitants all over the world have worshiped Gods from the Heavens? It is obvious that the ritual of worshipping towards Heaven, even in times when earthlings could not contact life on other lands across the seas, could be put down to the fact that some of them had witnessed the deeds of a superior nation from Heaven. God’s commanders and crews were the intergalactic contacts, passing on ideas and mingling cultures together. When we take a look at the customs of these races and realise the complexity of the monumental structures built into the land and their relevance to the stars you come to believe that they could only be taught their fantastic knowledge by Gods people themselves. The Aztecs had a poet who they held in high esteem, and when you read his works you begin to see why. His understanding of the skies makes you wonder if he had spoken to God’s commanders or conversed with someone close to them. It has gone on record that the Aztec’s kept looking for another sun to appear, so you have to wonder if their old planet had two suns revolving around it, or did their Gods they worshipped describe Heaven, and it’s suns to them, and they became confused, as to which planet they had been evacuated to. It seems certain that the Aztecs conversed with the people who brought them here and events of the past and future had been discussed. While being transported from their old planet God’s commanders must have told them of their fate, as they seemed to know what life had in store for them, and the tragedies that lay ahead which God had no control over or wanted no part of. The important members of their race prophesied events that came true, proving they had received the information from somewhere. When they arrived here they brought treasures, plants and enough to start them off in their new habitation. When they began to build, their constructions reflected the towns on their own planet bearing, a similarity to other cultures on the other side of the world. The serpents and other ferocious beasts sculpted on their buildings were not mythical, or figments of their imaginations, they existed on their old planet but would not have been allowed to bring them here, as earth had already been cleansed of unwanted beasts. The Aztecs also had a fear about the sun; their, fear being when the sun went down they were afraid it would not appear again so, were they used to a sun in the sky at all times and not used to seeing the sun disappear? Were they afraid that it would not reappear as, an event like that could have been a factor in the demise of their own planet? They worshipped the sun and knew the importance, and the danger of it. If they witnessed their planet being engulfed, by its sun, while viewing from the rescue ship (as we have been told could happen to earth) it would give them cause to respect that potential. Legend states they wandered around for years trying to find a place where they could settle. They obviously did not like the spot the commanders had allotted for them and roamed around trying to find somewhere similar to their own planet so they could feel more at home realising finally, they wouldn’t find it here on earth so, they settled in (Techochtitlan) where Mexico City now stands. Religion was very important to them and they worshipped more than one God. As they had been brought here in more than one ship, they would have worshiped each commander, responsible for saving their lives, by bringing them here. Each commander or (God) was designated to certain titles, like “The Sun God”, “The Rain God”, and one for harvest time etc., worshiping each one when they needed help for each particular thing. The “Gods” or commanders would have told them about Heaven and how when their life on earth was over they would return and take them up there, where they could spend eternity, just as we have been promised. The Aztec calendar consisted of two hundred and sixty days, eighteen months of twenty days (their days and months?) plus, an extra five days added on. It would appear that they did not want to adapt to earth years, or they could not get used to them so they tried to utilise their own calendar to suit their needs. Every fifty two earth years (fifty two of our years could be the equivalent of one of their years making this an anniversary) they had a great fire ceremony which could have been depicting the last sightings of their old planet as it was engulfed by flames. Some of the drawings found on the walls of their towns and cities, look as if blood was being poured over people. The blood, as it is red, like some flames, could represent fire, and could be another ceremony for the same reason which would have been the same annual event. These rituals would have been translations of their lives, on their own planet and about the information received from the commanders who brought them here. Some of the images or drawings have a feature on the lower leg which resembles a rocket or some kind of propulsion which could, be pictures of the commanders and crews moving among them, when they were departing from the spaceships. Mankind guesses at the purpose of all their drawings and looks for exotic reasons behind them when all the time it could be something simple, like teaching their offspring or even simpler, “graffiti.” There are other drawings around the world with similar references and we of course put it down to a vivid imagination these cultures had. The Bible also describes rocket like machines which are probably the same ones depicted in the drawings. It also gives more detail of what can only be spaceships, and strange acts which could only be carried out by some superior equipment. Other authors have touched on these subjects before, but used it more as science fiction, instead of having the conviction to prove it to be fact.
When you study the rituals of the Aztec’s, you find them beckoning the Gods to return. They were told of the Promised Land where they would eventually spend eternity and having never found the happiness on earth, they had on their own planet, depression set in. This was also recorded by one of their poets, and as the years went past they became more depressed and homesick. Their Gods were not going to save them from the tragedies prophesied, because it was a part of their fate that could not be changed. It was The Spanish” who arrived in the fifteen twenties, this, was their fate and they knew it and, as had been foretold to them they were massacred. The Aztec’s only held out for so long and through famine and despair they were easy prey to their enemies. It wasn’t long until they were wiped out and to this day, like the Bible, the legacies, signs and clues to their culture and existence are still trying to be understood by experts who study the remains of their civilization.
Man still only guesses at the evidence he finds among the Aztec ruins, and fails to see the true facts. If he would only go through the ruins and legacies and look at them, albeit illogically to him, he would get nearer to understanding these people and why they knew so much about the stars, all those years ago. Their feats in this field were so spectacular that it took modern man a long time to realise what they had come across with some of the structures disguised into the landscape but still with a reference to the skies. The local people of today know and appreciated the knowledge of a nation taken off the face of the earth leaving behind wonders; modern man could not achieve or understand properly.
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