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Brain washing

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Moses account of the first days of the newly created earth; the earth God and his people had arrived at to oversee its fate, runs along the lines of, God who created this new world told Moses of the rules and regulations that had to be upheld on it if we were to see the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Just like the founder of a new company branching out in new continents telling how he wants things run on a profit making venture with the director and workers sharing the rewards. When you start to read of God’s nature, and of him having feelings like us, one being jealousy among others, showing that he is not some kind of vision that appears like the genie in the “it could be you” advert we used to use for the lottery. We are made in his image and he has feelings just like us. He admits to hating and to jealousy and although it’s easy to see why they, who have met him, are in awe, it still puzzles me why we persist in denying he came from a planet far away in inner space. When we were young and we asked questions like “Where is God?” or anything on that subject, although the people we were asking believed in God, the answers we received were ridiculous. They would point to the sky correctly, but would say things like, God is in the sky, he is all around you and tell you he was up in Heaven. When you asked where Heaven was you always got an evasive cop out not a sensible answer and all this from so called learned adults. Asking them to elaborate on the matter was like asking where babies came from, they would get all flustered and come away with the most stupid things, instead of even considering telling you, God came from space and Heaven is a planet at the centre of the Universe. Yes! They believe in God, but they are afraid of the truth as too many years of brain washing prevents them from even thinking along these lines. Is it any wonder the churches of today, are losing their congregations, when our children know of the possibilities of God being from another planet and their so called superiors still cannot break away from the dull boring way religion is taught in the now twenty first century. I come from a family of Scottish north east coast fishing folk and that breed of people in my grandfathers time were always referred to as “God fearing”, their lives revolving around the sea, where, as we all know terrible tragedies are always taking place. There was a fear that if they did not obey the good book to the letter, never sailing on a Sunday, keeping the Sabbath holy, to mention only two, God would punish them. The fear lay in the translations they had been taught and would never read, a book of this nature let alone write one for fear of being struck down, or become another victim lost at sea to end their life in Hell which, was another mystical place with no real explanation, other than to hold that fear of damnation. That was the way the scriptures were drummed into them, fear of hell and damnation, if they sinned against God in the slightest. In the writing of this book, I personally have come to find that peace they were supposed to find when reading their Bibles as, the fear of Hell and damnation disappeared with the realization of whom God really is and where he really comes from. When you come to realise the possibilities of a real Heaven, when you can relate to something that is real and not just the empty space they always pointed to when you asked where Heaven was and, when your questions are answered in a sensible way with something you can picture and find realistic then, you will show an interest. Youngsters of today have a far better capacity for knowledge and are only interested in facts they can get to grips with. Space travelers are the only logical way God and his commanders and crews can be described if, the Bible stories are to be believed so, we should not fear or discount it as we are not going to he struck down because we have learned to think for ourselves. We might get punished by God if we refuse to believe in him at all, not for accepting him for what he is. Some of our distant ancestors were lucky enough to meet them and had no problem even, all those thousands of years ago figuring out what was going on even although they could not describe it very well. So why do we in this age of space travel (amateurish though it may be) deny or are afraid to admit God is a space traveller from a planet called Heaven, who will look after us in our time of need rather than strike us down! I suppose not so very long ago you would have been put in an asylum for coming out with these ideas, but now it should be the other way around. If you don’t see the probabilities, then you are closing your eyes to the facts. This book is trying to show a definite meaning to life’s origins and ending so, how better to do this, than accepting the miracles and stories in the best history book of all (The Bible) for what they really are, advanced technology of a grade we have little chance achieving on earth by people who came from beyond the stars. To ignore the likelihood of space travelers, God and the great mysteries of earth being connected, is like piecing together a jigsaw which has the main part missing. It will never be complete and the true meaning of the picture would never unfold. We should, by now be able to accept that God and the Bible are not some myth created in the minds of the men who wrote “The Good Book”. With our knowledge advancing the way it is and with the giant steps taken in space exploration, it should not come as too much of a surprise when the realization dawns that God is from a Planet Heaven at the dead center of space. Even with all the evidence we have accumulated on this possibility, the various denominations will reject these theories and accuse others that consider it as blaspheming all, the religious sects in today’s world believe fanatically in their individual faiths and rightly so, but suggest to any of them that God is a real person from another planet and not some ghostly form from the clouds, they will become very distressed at the very thought. Ask them to explain why they don’t believe Heaven is a planet and God is a real person they become angry, because while being brainwashed into believing in God, nobody has told them precisely where Heaven is and the thought of it being an other planet takes away the holiness of it all for them. I said at the start of this book that God had to evolve from somewhere, which makes him no less holy, as it is his deeds that made earthlings worship him, not because he was in any way different from us to look at. I am quite prepared to listen to anybody who can explain to me, how God is supposed to have just appeared out of nowhere as a fully grown man without, evolving from the same space ingredients as we did.
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