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It mentions briefly that there were giants in the land at this time, so one can only assume this was referring to the crews of these ships, giving rise to the theory that they are larger than earthlings and that we, although made in God’s image are not made in his stature. This evil by interbreeding would have been another factor in God’s decision to destroy the man he had created and once more start afresh. This was the first acts of genocide the world had experienced and it was being carried out by God the very person who created these evil inhabitants of earth in the first place. When the earth was cleared the last time it was dinosaurs and fierce animal like creatures that had been extinguished this time it was human life forms with the same flesh and blood as we have. In this instance he chose Noah to assist him in his quest for perfection on earth, as he and his, by now considerable family had proved to be the kind of people he wanted on earth. The ark Noah built was in actual fact a spaceship, constructed with such large proportions as to salvage enough from earth, while capable of reaching a distant planet on which the earth people would stay until it was safe to return to earth. It was measured in cubits which is a large measure in Heaven used to build immense constructions latterly, adapted to suit earthly proportions. If the ark had been built to the measurements a cubit consists of now it would have been too small to do the job God wanted it for. The length would have been, three hundred cubits which is equal to four hundred and fifty feet or one hundred and thirty seven metres. Height, thirty cubits equal to forty five feet or fourteen metres and the width was fifty cubits equal to seventy five feet or twenty three metres which is quite big but not nearly big enough to hold all the creatures and people God wanted it to hence, the reason for my theory that a cubit is a larger measure in Heaven. By the time Noah had finished, he assembled all the people and creatures God had appointed him to and joining the spaceships above took off from earth’s surface to fly to another planet and wait until God gave his signal that all was ready to begin one last time. Although it gives the impression that the Ark floated on the surface of the flood water, it would have been hovering over the water long enough to take off for another planet, which they would not want to admit to in these days as that would have made things too obvious and the Bible easier to understand.

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