Thursday, 13 November 2008

The pyramid connection

Returning to the subject of God’s crafts; if you think of the speed that some of the debris flying around space reaches, such as meteors, asteroids and comets which, are without propulsion as we know it, then think of the potential harnessed there. Now think if god’s crews with their superior knowledge, equipment and resources have harnessed some of that amazing power or, utilised that source of propulsion to fuel their own ships. Distances in space would be minimal and coupled with their immortality, why should we doubt their existence which is pointed out in the Bible. Because we can’t achieve a certain deed we assume nobody else has achieved it. We will have to learn, that just because we can’t do something, does not mean it is impossible to others. We are not a superior race but very primitive in comparison to these people and the sooner we accept this, the sooner we will understand more, about the unexplained in space and on earth. Space, where at the very centre Heaven, and our future lie and, also the earth where the clues to the past, present, and future are waiting to be found. All too often through history we have stuck our heads in the sand and mocked theories until we had hard facts or scientific proof, and because of this it is taking too long to achieve some of our goals. We have tried to disprove an idea, rather than prove it. We always go for the most complicated solution rather than the obvious, especially if the easy solution might mean ridicule. We are still scratching our heads over the enormity of the pyramids and the brilliant technology, involved in the making of them. We still cannot accomplish the feats properly ourselves, some things like the general layout of the Pyramids are still baffling us because of the mind boggling intricacies of them, yet, we persevere with the idea that mere earthlings were totally responsible for them. Do we really think that countless bodies of men manoeuvred these monstrous stones creating such precision with shafts aligning to certain stars during the construction of these wonders? The amount of men needed to carry out manual labour of that nature would be too great for the area they were working in and would only succeed in getting in each others way also, why would they want to use such massive stones when smaller more manageable ones would have been suffice? We know God was on earth at the time of the Pharaohs because they are constantly mentioned in the Bible and we have found traces of the cities spoken about, which is proof that stories in the Bible are true. Why do we find it hard to accept that God and his crews could have helped construct the Pyramids especially, when they have to do with the afterlife which, IS with God or, is it just fear of ridicule? Also the pyramids are not mentioned in the bible so is this because of the fact that God’s crews built them and that they did not hold them in the same esteem as we do now.
The races of the past, in the time of God’s presence on earth would have realised how awesome these deeds were and therefore would have worshiped the people responsible. We today have heroes and hero worship, acknowledging some achievements mere humans have achieved although, none as amazing as Gods. When we are faced with such power and glory and realise at last that people from another planet have been here, we too will bow down and worship them, with the same respect as our ancestors did who, were lucky enough to meet them.
We have to look at the possibilities of other cultured, races, being brought here from other planets that met the same demise fated for earth. The Pharaohs seemed to accept Gods commanders and crews and as they were a nation very advanced for their time we have to wonder if they were rescued from a dying star and brought here in spaceships. Was it the rehabilitation of the Pharaohs that led to Gods people staying on earth for so long, and was it on transit from another planet that the Pharaohs became familiar with God and his commanders? If you think of the knowledge that must have been around at the time of the Pharaohs, and if it had been allowed to develop, how far advanced mankind would be today. God and his people did not want us to capitalise on their intellect until we were able to cope with it and as there are wars still raging around the world, even down to the smaller of disagreements with neighbours, we are still not ready to learn their secrets. Until we temper our aggression and become more trustworthy maybe then, will our knowledge advance enough to cope with these things. We should stop trying to recreate the immense buildings of these people, and admit, without help from elsewhere it could not be done properly. They were also erected with a connection to the stars proving the skies held little mystery to them, which gives rise to my theory that they conversed with God and his crews who knew the stars better than we know our planet. There was no need to build their structures with such large blocks when smaller ones would have been suffice.
This brings us back to the stature of these people from heaven, are they of large proportion or did they have human like robots, large enough to handle blocks of this size getting the work completed quicker? Genesis chapter six, verse four “There were giants in the earth in those days.” These giants were mentioned before the Pharaohs but it proves that giants could have been used to build the pyramids as they did exist. Without assistance we would not have such magnificent sights to look at today. The languages at that time and the hieroglyphics might not be from earth, that’s why it took so long to decipher them. You have to wonder if they have been deciphered correctly or fully, or, do they hold many more secrets that will unfold when we are capable of dealing with them. Here we have a nation worshiping the stars, even in death the Pharaohs knew they were Heaven bound, as their tombs were reaching for the Heavens. When the Kings and Pharaohs were buried, all their valuables were buried along with them to enable them to have treasures in the next life. Was this because they brought their treasures from their mother planet and they thought they could do it again. Intelligent men, as they obviously were did not do these things through superstition nor, has religion and rituals come from hearsay, it has been passed down through the ages, orally and by the written word, by very clever people, some of whom have been fortunate enough to have had personal contact with Gods people. Although stories get distorted by each generation some have been left with positive proof of their origins. Men are still trying to find the connection between pyramids, in Egypt, Peru, and Mexico also in places as far away as East Asia. It of course is all too illogical for them to admit the people from heaven could be the connection, because there is no definite proof. We will probably see architectural designs like them when we get to heaven, maybe then the penny will drop. The Americans used to think their history never went back very far, but it too can be traced to this period when our friends from Heaven were on earth. With signs from South America up into the southern states of North America of visitors from the stars influencing cultures into similar beliefs, buildings and rituals of countries and peoples they were unlikely to have reached at that particular period of time. Most of the cultures on earth around ten to twelve thousand years ago even, some more recent have a certain mystique about them so much so that their skills and astrological knowledge being so great still baffles us today. Some seemed too appear from nowhere suddenly, and most went into decline around the same time (When God and his commanders were not so prominent on earth), give or take a century or two. The strangest thing to me is that the brains of today rarely act on the connection the biblical years have, to all these phenomenal occurrences on earth and would rather accept more complicated answers to these puzzles instead of deciphering the facts written in black and white in the Bible. It’s surely no coincidence that these nations built their tombs towards the Heavens, knowing there was a life out there after this one ended. For nations so far apart then, to have so many likenesses in their culture, when there was no earthly means of contact, can only have one logical answer. A superior knowledge from somewhere else must have arrived among them, providing them with the expertise, and the only place they could come from is the Heavens! The same Heaven that God in the Bible originated from, the same God who came to our planet and visited here in the exact same years as these events occurred.
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