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Easter Island

Chile - Easter Island, Ahu TongarikiImage by vtveen via Flickr

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, as it is known today by the natives, is another example of this era. It is one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world (2237 miles west of Chile). The great statues erected there are another baffling phenomenon that has the great brains of today guessing at how this task was carried out by people who they suppose, sailed across a mighty ocean in a boat tied together with rope made out of reeds twisted by hand. There is no doubting the capabilities and the sea worthiness of such craft but, you have to ask these questions and wonder at the logic of it. To cross such an expanse of sea would have taken many months and, to come across this particular small island in the said, vast expanse of sea which, they could have had no knowledge of could only be put down to good fortune. (The last volcanic eruption being over a hundred thousand years ago which cancels out any volcanic ash spouting high in the horizon, guiding anyone towards it). Added to which the sailors would have had to carry enough food and fresh water to last a voyage that would have taken them through typhoons and storms in a boat that (well built though it was) would not have withstood the battering it would have had to go through. There is the possibility of catching fish and utilizing rain water but that is only a slim possibility as the treacherous seas would make this very difficult. There would have been times when the sea was becalmed but in these waters such times would be few and far between and when the storms raged again the fresh water would be lost by spillage or contaminated with salt water. Barely with luck and better navigational knowledge on their side would they have been able to judge a safe passage across these seas. The ships of today can only carry a limited amount of provisions and regardless of their massive size many are lost to the power of the savage seas. Without speculating too much on how the inhabitants of Easter Island got there, we will however, speculate more on the statues. I am trying to establish the presence of Gods people on earth around this era and it is not unlikely that the statues here could have been erected in their honour and in their likeness with their help. What other reasons was there to build them in such proportions if they are not structured on life size people, so once again we have to ask the question why were they not built smaller to easier manageable dimensions, like the Romans did or we do in this day and age? There is no other logical reason other than the space travelers, who were on earth at that time. After God and his crews left this planet earth men made no attempt to work with blocks of such magnitude as the Pyramids were made of or erect and manoeuvre colossal stones of which the statues were made so, why do we assume the people in days gone by would be so stupid to cause unnecessary, almost impossible work for themselves never, giving our friends from Heaven credit for their part. Mankind today has tried with a limited amount of help using modern machinery to create the skills required to carve, move and erect one of these massive structures and not been very successful yet, they still are convinced that hundreds of the inhabitants of this Island spent all their time and energy struggling to erect these symbols. Do we really think that these people would spend generations, and lifetimes, using masses of people, the amount that would struggle to work together as a team, on such an impossible task? Why, if you believe such a far fetched story, can you not look at it in a more logical way and admit that people large enough to handle these large structures were on hand to help erect them. The people on Easter Island could have been taken there by our friends from Heaven and the statues are a replica of them left to remind the natives of the days that the giants from the skies were among them.
Looking closely at the cultures mentioned such as the Aztecs Incas and Pharaohs (etc) we can find more than the large constructions connecting them and realise that they all occurred in the same years as the Bible speaks of when God and his people were on earth. Archaeologists are only now beginning to find connections between cultures like the Incas, Egyptians and the people of Rapa Nui also, into Cambodia as I have already mentioned where more recent structures mirror the stars just like the great pyramids. One main connection is that the mirror image all these nations have copied is of the sky ten and a half thousand years ago, but what the archaeologists do not want to admit or have not cottoned on to is that the people from Heaven were visiting earth for at least twelve thousand years before Christ. I have to emphasise again that time means nothing if you have eternal life, and the ten to twelve thousand years the visitors spent on earth would have meant nothing to them. We spoke of the Sphinx and the doubts arising of when it was built, as some are dating it to ten and a half thousand years ago. If you look closely at it, water eroded tidal marks can clearly be seen, along with signs of heavy rainfall, channelling groves all along and down its body, which could mean this was the creature in the midst of a river mentioned in the Bible (which we will come to further on). The questions I would like answered are, if all these years ago certain races had the mathematical ability to calculate with such precision, distances and angles, creating star patterns on earth, why has it taken mankind SO long to catch up with them? We must have taken backward steps since these great achievements, otherwise we would have mastered the skies by this time, and space would hold less, secrets for us. Why do people on earth, with so much knowledge think our ancestors accomplished these feats themselves, traveling thousands of miles over treacherous seas taking their cultures and knowledge to lands barely reachable by earthlings of that time? Great navigators of the seas did not occur until many years later, once man realised the earth was not flat.

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