Friday, 7 November 2008

The ark

Noah’s family could not populate the earth on their own as that would have taken too long so either they took more people on the ark with them or, as my theory suggests God brought people from other planets to speed things up. The primates on earth before, Adam originated from matter created by the big bang and, God’s dust Adam was made from, was of similar compound creating a likeness of what mankind was, and is today in earth terms. Going back to the fact that we were made in God’s image who, originated on Heaven from the same ingredients Therefore, we all originate from the first life forms that emerged after the Big Bang. The remains of the first primates can still be found on earth and although the ark (Picture above is scale model of the supposed ark) was built thousands of years after them, no trace of it can be found. If it had been a boat of such immense proportions, it would not have rotted away so quickly, also a craft as important as the ark would have been looked after and preserved, even in those days. The reason it will never be found on earth is that it was a spaceship (The picture on the top left "our space shuttle" is more likely to be the type of craft the ark resembled) and could have been used in similar circumstances on other planets where life was in danger and could be used again when the final days of earth come about. God told Noah that he now realised that evil had been inherited and that he would never again kill every living thing he had created. Thousands of years later we are still here, but we know the world is to end again, so, it will be by natural causes this time. Noah lived for nine hundred and fifty years, long enough to play a large part in replenishing the earth and, as his families spread over the land new languages sprang up splitting the tribes into more unique communities. It has to be noted that God and his people were at this time on hand to help the population settle in and their presence was utilised over several thousand years. When God first came to earth there was only one language on earth (Genesis chapter eleven verse one) but later on we are told of many languages so they were most likely introduced by the people brought here from other planets which in turn would be transformed into the various forms we know now.

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