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The Stonehenge connection

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If we look to some of the mysteries like Stonehenge, we could if stretching our imaginations connect them to our friends from space. I’ll call them friends, as that is what they are and when they return, we will need to remember this, but I will return to that subject further along the way. We have always assumed, it was the Druids that placed the stones in that formation but would it not make more sense if our friends from space had set them up. The smaller (blue) stones came from across the Bristol Channel and it would have been no problem for God’s people to fetch them and set them up in such an astrological way. The large stones came from thirty to forty miles away so if it was the Druids who erected them why did they choose that site and not one nearer the source of the heavy stones? Why would they and the other nations who supposedly erected enormous structures make life so difficult for themselves? They could have been erected by God’s crews to teach or to show the Druids more about earth, the cycles of the sun and moon, space, and where the spaceships come from. Not all formations in the time of the Druids were of such large proportion as Stonehenge. There is evidence of smaller ones, which would have been easier and more likely to have been built by the Druids, probably after Gods people had left. Stonehenge was originally made of wood about seven thousand years ago but as wood has a shorter lifespan the crews would have came back and rebuilt them in stone a couple of hundred years before the birth of Christ possibly having another, use for them that we have not yet discovered. The Druids would have been in awe, of what they experienced and built replicas where they would worship. These monuments became a big part of their lives, also in death, where their graves were constructed in a similar way by having some relation to the sky and the people who appeared from it. Other extra large settings and markings around the world could have been for the same reasons, to teach the locals some knowledge of space and give them the reassurance of what lay out there and where God and his people came from.
A recent dig by archaeologist at Stonehenge has made them come up with a new theory about it being a place of healing with folk coming from near and far to have illnesses and disease cured which is not unlikely as the people who built it had the knowledge to carry out medical miracles never seen around these parts of the world before. Matthew chapter four and verse twenty three states “And Jesus went about all Galilee preaching and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people.” We know that his father and, his crews could do these things also, so it is very likely that this was at least, one of the reasons why it was so important to the Druids as they would have witnessed these miracle healings first hand.
God’s crews were very active across the earth’s surface for a few thousand years, from Egypt to Central and Southern America. The circles at Stonehenge were to be Britain’s legacy of their time spent on these shores. The amount of time spent on earth would have been irrelevant to them having eternal life, and after they left these shores the Druids began to worship the large stones, knowing something special had taken place there and in time the memory of their visitors disappeared. Ecclesiastes, Chapter One Verse Eleven. "There is no remembrance of former things neither shall there be any remembrance of things to come with those that will come after. Isaiah; Chapter Sixty Five, Verse Seventeen, "For behold I create a new Heaven and a new earth and the former shall not be remembered nor come into mind”. These verses prove God can erase the memories of earthlings when need be and allow them to remember only the necessary.

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