Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Purpose of some U.F.O.'s

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We send probes off to the planets nearest us within our primitive reaches therefore we should not be surprised at U.F.O. sightings. Some of the craft have been described, as cigar shaped and some saucer shaped among others. Probes from earth take different shapes and forms depending on the purpose of the mission. Some like the shuttle or moon craft hold people, others only have technical equipment on them so obviously they vary in size. One famous sighting of a U.F.O. was when the son of God was born "and a great light appeared in the sky,” to tell of his birth and to guide the shepherds to his birth place. Nobody had come up with a logical explanation of this sighting which, was most likely to be an angel; one of God’s helpers hovering in a small spacecraft or power pack built, for short trips to earth from the mother ships or space stations in the sky. They obviously had the knowledge to do this and at that time we did not have the means to fly, or have any need for radar or photographic equipment to record the event. It would have caused fear and confusion in these days and they would have had great difficulty finding someone to believe their story never mind the problem of how to describe such things. Today we would still have the same fear but we, would find more understanding from the public and media when trying to explain it (OR WOULD WE!) The U.F.O. sightings we have heard about in more recent times, will be probes, keeping an eye on us, to see how we are progressing and assessing who needs assistance. Once again it is Gods way of watching over us, as said in the Bible. By now a lot more things in the Bible should make more sense, so we should use our increasing knowledge to understand more the things our ancestors couldn’t. When the space crafts arrived here thousands of years ago they had leaders of course, along the same lines as our present day leaders on earth. The commanders or head angels of each craft were from different areas of the Heavens giving rise to variations in the translations of religion among the earthlings. Each craft’s master had different rules God wanted them to carry out, having been designated to certain groups and on their journey to Heaven each religious sect will ascend to meet the same leader they had on earth although, God is the supreme ruler of all the Heavens. They are acting on God’s orders making all religions correct, although there are many variations on the same theme.
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