Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ancient rituals, remarkable structures

Some settlements like Catachoyuk in Turkey who, around ten thousand years ago were just beginning to become more civilised but knew nothing of the origins of humans owing to the lack of information from God’s crews and thought that mankind came from mother earth so, when they saw their children coming from the womb of women they surmised we, originated from inside earth.(that would have been a thinking mans theory in those days) They worshiped goddesses, mother earth statues and had fertility rituals as they needed more offspring. Life was by now very precious as it had become very short owing to the conditions on earth then. The ancestor’s of these people could have been among the humans mentioned in Genesis before Adam was created. Word about God must have eventually reached them and began to influence these people as temples started to spring up and people began to worship upwards instead of inwards. Temples to worship GOD! People had come to realise we did not come from inside earth but that we came from the sky through God.
One point I will make here, historians and archaeologists seem to take lightly the fact that the before in B.C. means before Jesus Christ, not God. Jesus Christ is the son of God as we already know! God gave earth his son, chose his son to be born on earth, so let us remember God was here long before Christ, it was God who was worshiped for his amazing deeds, but Christianity did not begin until Jesus, Gods son rose from the dead which we will come to later. Great temples and dwellings have been excavated in various parts of the world and stunning underground structures carved into rock some dating back five thousand years ago like the ones found in Malta. Some are so magnificent they were obviously built out with the capabilities of these people, even the amount of rock that had to be moved was immense especially when you think of the tools they were using then also, the debris that would have been left over would have covered a vast area or left a giant hill, but as far as I know, no trace of this was to be found. You have to bear in mind that when the Skorba temples and other amazing structures were built on Malta and, in countries near and around that area the era was classed as the Neolithic period.(The picture above shows the summer solstice at Mnatdra Malta) The advancement in the knowledge of the human race was too rapid to evolve naturally. After all man’s progress before this was almost non existent. One day living in caves, the next day so to speak, exotic structures and man was worshiping God. It is obvious to me that the rapid progress came from somewhere so who other than God’s crews to do the job as they were here then, and were the only ones on earth at that time with the real capabilities to make these tasks easy.
When some of the distant stars began to die Gods crews started bringing other more educated people to earth, from the surrounding planets, to where these events were occurring then, man’s knowledge really started to increase.

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