Thursday, 20 November 2008

Rosewell real or stunt

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Every major discovery has always been looked at in a serious context, never for one minute stopping to think of the lighter side of man’s nature. Certainly in these troubled years man had less time on his hands to live the lives we have today, with hobbies, sport and entertainment playing a big part in our modern lifestyles. There is little thought given to the younger generations, the teenagers of the past who’s legacies are bound to he found in the ruins our archaeologists of today dig up. Everything is based on logic, with them guessing some serious use for every find, never giving credit to the children of the past who would have played on the grounds being excavated and left traces of their own inventiveness when making up games and things to amuse themselves with. When future man unearths relics and buildings from the twentieth century, he might discover computerized records which, if they can lay their hands on an old computer will make it easier to verify the lives we lived and the way we utilised the tools of work and play that we use now. We should make sure we leave an accurate record to verify the uses of the artifacts he will discover, eliminating the guessing game our archaeologists have to play. The leaps modern man is taking in some of his inventions, like the computer and the amazing variations and updates it gets has served to improve our lives. You have to wonder how far we will be allowed to reach, as we strive for that perfection they have in Heaven. Our planet will not survive long enough, and it does not have the materials to achieve the form of space travel our superiors use in every day life. Even when earth’s end draws near we will still be far behind the technology of our friends from heaven, probably never manually reaching further than our nearest planets. We will he able to send more sophisticated probes out there but compared to Gods it will only be a step off a pavement never completing the journey to the other side of the road. The famous Roswell incident (July 1947) although recent, is another story, heading towards legend status, being one of the most controversial (so called) contacts with our friends from space. I refer to it as legend as the matter has already seems to have been misconstrued out of all proportion. Is man really that arrogant as to think, a race superior enough to conquer space travel is going to allow themselves to be captured by such a backward and ferocious race as we are .When they plan their missions here, whether the craft are manned or unmanned, regardless of the reason for it, they will have covered every avenue to secure safety in every aspect of it.
The sheer frustration of man, when he looks to the skies and realise how insignificant he is in comparison to what he sees out there and the knowledge that, in his lifetime, space will still hold many mysteries, compels him to bring the space adventures he has imagined, to life in fantasy films like Star Trek’ and “Star Wars” and always assuming the people they would meet in space will be as aggressive as we are and look completely different to us, ignoring the facts in the book they are supposed to believe in. “We are made in Gods image” therefore, the people we will meet out there will look like us, as God would have influenced the whole Universe not, just a small part of it. The fantasy side of things seems to have more appeal than the stories nearer the truth and as fact is stranger than fiction it also holds more fears knowing it will happen. We want contact with spacemen but the fear of the consequences and the unknown reactions of them, makes us wary of the event occurring. We would rather feel safe and keep it in the realms of fantasy and pray we personally never actually meet an alien face to face. Believing the Bible means coming face to face with God or, a man from another planet, is this the reason we are so reluctant to believe it? It is fortunate that mans inquisitiveness and inbred need to explore avenues of life on earth and outwards to the stars, help some of us to overcome that fear and try to solve the secrets of space we all wish to know. If the Roswell case was a hoax, as most intelligent people think, then the misguided folk responsible for it are only misleading the gullible public by trying to involve them in their own fantasies. The American government, are now beginning to admit to a department in the desert of New Mexico where all these strange sightings have taken place, given the fact that it is hard to deny when satellite pictures of it have been published in the press. Secret installations where trials took place for our war machines are now public, and it is now easier to prove or disprove hoaxes and truths with modern inventions, but the Roswell incident was simple to concoct given the reports from the area at the time added to man’s ignorance of the experiments taking place. We will be contacted from space again, when the whole world will be in no doubt of the event as we will all he involved in one way or another as the earth gets evacuated. In the unlikely event that there was any truth about Roswell and weird looking aliens being captured from a crashed spaceship it would be that it was a probe with some experimental robot like computer, sent to observe from nearer hand what all the activity was in that area and report the findings back to base which, is even more unlikely as God will he able to observe this planet in detail from the comfort and safety of Heaven. Something as ridiculous as that mock up would he no loss up there and if it came from there could have been a prank causing as much merriment in Heaven as it caused down here, (to the ones with more sense anyway). One important thing we will have to bear in mind, when the next true visit of our friends from space occurs is to react in a friendly way and not go in with all guns blazing. We are still far too hostile in our approach towards them and if our leaders had their way, any strange being from space regardless of who or what they looked liked, would he bunged on a slab and dissected in the name of science. That is one thing the Roswell incident did prove, if nothing else. Thankfully the people that are arriving will have been here before and are watching us, so they know what to expect. When they do come, it would be wise to be ready with a handshake and welcome them as we would a visitor from another country. These people are highly intelligent and have helped us in the past, so it stands to reason that they are not coming billions of miles for a punch up. They will either be here to rescue us or find out first hand, how far we have come in our learning to live in harmony with one another, and if we show any signs of hostility they will just return to their own planet until we are fit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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