Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wavering beliefs

There are many similarities in the way all religions build their places of worship. They are all erected in a lavish way with majestic designs and decorated inside with precious items. Man trying to create a building, worthy enough to worship their creator whose home is reputed to be adorned with gold and silver. As it is basically the same God we all worship, each domain for the various religions bares a resemblance to the other. This in itself should be enough to fire the imaginations of the doubters why, does so many people all over the world since and before Jesus, worship in the same manner? It can only be that the gods they worship did come from space and mingled with earthlings for a while convincing, our ancestors enough, as to pass on the events of that period, most of which is recorded in the Bible and books of other faiths. Two thousand years have passed since the last big event of the Christian faith was recorded and like any other spectacular event that has happened on earth, as time passed, the less it is remembered or, more so the less important it becomes. As each new generation came along, the further away the event was, resulting on us thinking less about it and the true, facts of it being lost along the way. When the years roll by, latter generations wonder if it really happened, was it a myth or a legend, to instill fear into people, keeping them in line with the laws of the land. This particular event was so spectacular that it is still remembered today although the translations of it have become distorted by lack of knowledge or understanding of the people who are now translating the recordings of the prophets from the Old Testament and the Apostles in the New Testament who in turn were all instructed by God. We seem to have missed the point when we read our Bibles, wherein lies the heritage of people far superior to us. We do not want to admit that we are inferior to people who walked on this earth many years ago, and some shy away from the Bible for fear of ridicule regardless of the translation. We fear the messages in the Bible, because we don’t fully understand them. There should be no need for fear, because God came here to help us and when the end of our planet comes, he will be here to save us. Although there has not been a noticeable visit from them recently, we are still being observed and God still performs miracles on earth, even though we cannot see him. He still commands the universe from Heaven and can send his “angels” commanders back to earth unobserved by our primitive radars and help, or heal whoever he decides will benefit the world most, by his deeds. We all have a purpose to fulfill on this earth before we are allowed to leave it and, it is Gods decision whether we live or die. The miraculous escapes people have had when they thought all hope was gone, people surviving horrific disasters world wide when others perished are all down to God’s intervention, not sheer coincidence as some would have you believe. Some surviving such an event, thanks God for their salvation, not fully realising it was God who was responsible for both the tragedy and for their escape, while others who never believed in God before are convinced he exists after they have been closely involved in one of his deeds. There is a reason for every one of life’s adventures or disasters which will he revealed to us in time.
If the young people of today were taught about the God I am writing of then there would be more people attending the churches that are now going into decline. If they were told of God being a real person from another planet they would show more interest, as it is a real person they are being told about and not, the mythical apparition he has become in their minds, as this is the boring unbelievable character they have been led to believe the bible was about. The sad and cruel things we have to hear, are all God’s will, but if we believe the Bible, we will understand his believers will be together again in Heaven. We have no reason for fearing God, and the book that he edited is there to give us comfort and understanding until his return.
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