Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Incas

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The Incas who inhabited a large part of South America, appeared out of nowhere, and their legend tells of brothers and sisters sent to earth by their father the Sun God. Could this have originally been the “Son of God”, as Jesus was already on earth when the Incas suddenly appeared? Stories become rumours, which get exaggerated and distorted, as they pass from mouth to mouth, or generation to generation, that’s what turns them into legends, but they all originate from fact. The Incas also had an exceptional knowledge of the stars and they seem to know how to navigate the Universe which can only mean that they had conversed with God's commanders and most likely discussed this as a matter of interest on their travels through space, to reach earth. (Could these people be another nation from the same constellation as the Mayans, Aztecs and the Pharaohs?) The commanders had already marked out a map at their new home, showing where their old planet was situated in the universe in relation to the new, planet that was to be their home for a short while until they meet up again,with the other inhabitants from their old planet who were taken straight to Heaven. Although the Incas could not write they were still a very intelligent nation and when their Gods explained the markings in the desert to them, they found comfort in them often, walking on them giving them a connection with their old planet. The language they spoke was “Quechua”, another tongue from a far away planet, in the same galaxy as the Aztecs and the other nations of similar culture mentioned here. Inca was the name taken from the head man of the nation, the ruler of the planet they came from. The Incas were of a more aggressive nature than the others and tried to make a go of this, world that they were thrust upon. They too recreated the buildings and brought their custom, along with gold given to them by Gods commanders to recompense them for their great loss. They too knew it was only a matter of time before the Spanish would come and although their resistance was greater, the same fate as the Aztecs eventually fell on them. They also having met the commanders and crews knew of the riches that lay in Heaven for them. Gold played a large part in their lives down here God’s commanders had tried to pacify them by telling them of the streets paved with gold in Heaven where they would finally be taken. The gold their Gods had given them here was only a small taste of what lay ahead in Heaven, and although it has no value up there, it does not take away the beauty it creates. They will be in Heaven as God had forecast, although not in the manner they thought. Instead of being transported alive, it was their souls, after their death that went on to the promised planet and we, will have to wait until our turn comes before we will fully understand the true meaning of this. All these strange cultures; building and erecting massive structures of such enormity of which we cannot begin to comprehend! How they managed with the facilities on hand to them in these times. The intricate detail in some of the buildings like the Pyramids, the precise measurements of each block, to the mammoth way the land was utilised in Peru in relation to the stars where even today the great brains of this world struggle to achieve, let alone understand how it was accomplished.
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