Thursday, 27 November 2008

Jacob's ladder; to heaven, or a space station?

Abraham had close contact with Gods crews and took advice from them in the quest to expand earth’s population. Some of the orders were given face to face while others were called down from the ships or stations above the clouds. God would have explained where his planet was and when contact was being made, the earthlings would have thought it was coming from Heaven and not through a public address system located on the ships and stations in the sky above them. Looking at the early names in the Bible suggest they came from another planet as they are unusual and not often used by earth people. This would most likely be true considering, the ancestors of these people were made up of crew from God’s and the Devil’s ships before Noah and his family began to regenerate earth. The names would have been passed down but gradually phased out as the earthlings began introducing there own names into our vocabulary only using a few names mentioned in the Bible, that they found interesting.
It was at this time when the population was expanding and traveling further afield that the earthlings met up with the Pharaohs of Egypt who did not originate on earth but had been brought here by God’s commanders. When they made contact, with their chosen few, by mental telepathy (which would have been the more likely method) it gave the impression that they appeared in a dream, as the earthlings, had no idea such potential existed. Jacob, in what he thought was a dream (Genesis chapter twenty eight verse twelve to verse sixteen) witnessed the crew (Angels) ascending and descending from a ladder that reached from earth to Heaven, (the spaceships or stations) he also saw God standing above it, probably at the open door of the ship. It was described as a ladder which, it could have been if the ship was low enough to use one but God’s crews would have many ways of moving between earth and, the ships and as Jacob thought it was a dream he would have described his vision in the only way he knew how, just as did the other men who played a part in the writing of the Bible. Jacob would have been put in a trance so he would not be frightened when he was rising up to the ship that will be why he thought it was a dream.
Shortly after when we go into Joseph’s life we come upon the King of Egypt “The Pharaoh”, (Genesis thirty nine) which proves God, his commanders and crews existed on earth at the same time as the Egyptians although, there was never any doubt of this in the minds of the people in the modern world who research these things, only who, and what God is. When Joseph spoke about God to the Pharaoh there were no questions asked of who God was, the people of that time knew of Gods existence, as he and the crews of other spaceships went among them when need be. Signs of disasters like, volcanic eruptions most likely, being the cause of the famine lasting seven years, spoken about in Genesis that raged in “all the countries of the world.”
God had predicted the famine and would have known of an impending volcanic eruption of dire strength that would cloud the sun’s rays with its fallout, causing the crop failure. This has happened frequently in the history of the earth and perhaps these individual events, made God aware of the devastation that could occur if it happened in a larger scale. Here we had a big clue of what was to come, so, God prepared and planned from that moment to save earthlings, warning, them of Armageddon and what they had to do to save their selves. This time the devastation would be none of Gods doing but, only he will be able to save the earthlings. All the records of these first years of new man was told by Moses who would have been appointed by God for the soul purpose of keeping a true account of events for future generations like ourselves thinking, we would understand the implications of what will happen to us if we do not believe them never thinking that, as the years went by they would be taken out of context by a people with expanding knowledge. We have failed to see the significance of Moses records covering thousands of years B.C. and of his prophecies told to him by God and, through our translations have made them seem more like mythical adventures than truth. As Moses was born after some of the events he wrote of and before others, God must have told him of them, because he was on earth during that period and was in the company of Moses before the time of the Pharaohs as we have already pointed out.
It is at the beginning of Exodus that we first read of Moses and his birth recoded in chapter two verse two then, Moses goes on to speak of his own life and the troubles he had, but with Gods help survived more than one ordeal.
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