Friday, 21 November 2008

Our space journey

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Pity help us if it is earth’s last days, the hostile ones will have time to repent (the thousand years mentioned in the Bible) but who would want to he left on earth under these conditions. When our explorers like Livingston went out into the more remote lands they, were the comparatively well educated humans but, they trod carefully and treated the natives with respect, and tried to learn their cultures while teaching their own. We should have learned from those past events remembering, that the tribes of Africa were hostile to begin with until they realised that each culture could learn from one another. Some nations are still hostile to the western world and are still trying to intimidate near neighbours, hoping to reap their wealth or, never wanting to yield to another race that might threaten them. It doesn’t pay them and it won’t pay us if we ignore the superiority of Gods people when they arrive. The most likely reason of the spaceships reappearance in our skies will be for that rescue mission and contact will be on their terms and not vice-versa. Maybe on our journey back to Heaven with them, they will explain the stars in the Universe and point out the black holes to us, call them by name, telling us of the part they played in the evolution of all the wonders being unfolded to us. I don’t want to put you off the journey, but it could he just like a package coach tour, although instead of castles or homes of the famous being brought to our attention, it would be familiar stars once seen from distant earth and as we pass through each constellation we would get a running commentary from our guide in transit of all the extra-terrestrial sights and mysteries we pondered over while on our own planet. I personally am very much looking forward to the awesome moment, when we pass out of what we have come to know as space and finally view that enormous planet which is to become our new home for eternity, at the very center of all, “HEAVEN!” There are countless other wonders I have not mentioned that could he connected to Gods visits in some way. Natural sights and structures, unexplained unnatural marvels, have been omitted simply because there are too many for one book. To mention all of them or go into too much detail would verge on the boring. I have tried to make interesting points when discussing notorious wonders and mysteries and I hope I am introducing a new dimension to the subjects, until such times as someone comes up with proof positive. I, among many others have great faith in these theories coming true, rather than the vaguely guessed solutions previously put before us by the learned people of the past.
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