Saturday, 8 November 2008

The early days

Earth's Water & AirImage by savethedave via Flickr

In these early days Abram was taking guidance from God and his crews (Genesis chapter twelve verse one) and, they appeared to him, which meant they were coming down to earth’s surface every now and then from their spaceships or space stations concealed by the clouds above. God and his commanders centered their attentions in the Middle East which had a more suitable climate for them as earth was still recovering from the latest ice age. With the ice having to recede from as far south as mid Europe most of their works and sightings were in the vicinities that provided them with a more pleasant climate. Other settlements further afield had to rely on the news of these wonders reaching them by travellers or conquering armies like the Romans who were around at the time of Christ’s birth and knew about God, his father. Eventually, as the ice slowly receded it was these people who were responsible for spreading the news of Gods miracles albeit unwittingly unlike the saint’s whose soul purpose was to tell of these things but in the holy way they had construed them.
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