Sunday, 30 November 2008

Tyrant or liberator

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God was becoming tired of people doubting his strength and told Moses he would disinherit them. Moses knowing how much they needed God’s help acknowledged the fact and told God that he would reassure the congregation by telling them again of the feats they had witnessed and tried to explain the spacecraft to them. It seems it appeared like a cloud during the day and by night it appeared as fire, which might mean the crews could manufacture clouds to conceal their ships, or was the cloud by day, simply the exhaust from the power pack that drove the machine glowing red, with heat or friction in the dark at night. We have already established that God has all the feelings of a human (or, perhaps that should be vice-versa) and already he is threatening the nations of disbelievers of the dire consequences that will be thrust upon them if they continue to doubt his dominant presence. We were brought up believing God was all that was good, but most of the Old Testament consists of wars guided by God, protecting his followers as they obey his orders to conquer each city destroying all that suits him depending on who or what they are.
These acts are now classed as genocide so, we have got to ask the question, is God a dictator with ideas in a parallel to Hitler and Saddam Hussein? Coming from a planet with all that power and superior knowledge he needed to fear no one and as his aim was to annihilate anyone or any nation that stood in his way or, did not obey his laws, makes me wonder if he is forcing everyone to do things his way or else. In fact that is what he is doing while demonstrating to the people in that era of his power and, leaving a record of it so we will know what to expect on his return. If we don’t abide by his rules we will end up in hell for eternity and, if we do obey we get our reward by going to Heaven for eternity which is obviously the better choice (as far as we are being led to believe anyway). These are the ideals of someone who having achieved perfection wants to ensure all he can see and reach will come under his control to share the same good life he has in heaven. Does this not run along the same lines as the dictatorships that we have witnessed on earth by some country’s leaders who would like to have ruled the world by creating fear and ridding the earth of the races that displeased them?
The only justification I can find for God’s dictatorship is that he has got a better ending in sight for his believers compared to Hitler and his like and, it will be our own fault if we choose to ignore his warnings, his demonstrations of power and his forecast of what has to come. The regular genocide carried out by God would be to try and make earth as close as possible to the perfection in Heaven but, eventually realising this was not possible decided he would take the good people of earth to his planet Heaven after he continued to try and improve earth as best as he could. God has promised us that Heaven is great but God’s idea of Heaven might not be what we want Heaven to be and it might turn out something like the dictatorships that have occurred on earth where the people were suppressed. Either way (compared to hell) he would still be the lesser of two evils and, it would really leave us no choice even if this turns out to be the case.

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Saturday, 29 November 2008

And there we saw the giants

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In Leviticus and Numbers also written by Moses most of the chapters begin with “And the Lord Spake unto Moses saying.” Which is the proof that God conversed with Moses throughout the recordings of the first five books of the bible explaining how earth had reached the stage it was at and helped him register events that had occurred before and after his birth. When the Israelite’s moved through new lands they came across various inhabited cities which they spied on before, they ventured in as they never knew what to expect and, as each tribe was very much different from the other thanks to Gods mixing of natives from earth and from other planets. The last two verses of Numbers chapter thirteen reads “and they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, the land through which we have gone to search, it is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof;” “and all the people that we saw in it are MEN OF GREAT STATURE! “ and there we saw the Giants, the sons of Anak which come of the Giants and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.” Were these Giants from the Devil’s ships and were these people the same Giants that helped build the Pyramids? More than likely all the people from the main central planets are of this stature and it would have been God’s people (the good people) that helped with the pyramids. Also if we are like grasshoppers compared to them we have every right to be frightened when we finally meet them.
The Pharaohs were becoming too powerful and sinful a nation for their own good and maybe their knowledge and buildings feats, like the Sphinx and the Pyramids were assisted by these people along with the badness they were inheriting This could be a more logical answer to this mystery than the previous ones, as here is proof of people living on earth, capable of lifting such large stones into the complex designs we have come across. It would also explain why the Pharaoh’s were becoming powerful, if the Devil’s crews were among them. We still have not established the real stature of these people who evolved from that immense planet Heaven, so, this could be a clue as to the size of God and the crews of the ships that he brought here with him which would be quite logical considering the size heaven must be in comparison to earth.

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Friday, 28 November 2008

Proof of manufactured power sources

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The Pharaohs were becoming more powerful and troublesome at this time, having settled into life on their new planet, while beginning to mingle with the inhabitants of earth, more and more, as new man began to spread throughout the world. If it had been left to the Pharaohs they would have become more powerful than the earthlings as they tried to execute the sons of earth men first, then all of the children until Moses under Gods guidance took them away to another country, out of harms way where they would flourish as a nation. God guided Moses and the children of Israel as is described in Exodus chapter thirteen verse twenty one “And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light to go by day and night.” This is example of a small craft flying above Moses and the children of Israel piloted by god guiding them by day and shining lights ahead of them so they could see the craft and the route in front of them in the dark allowing them to travel by night keeping a bigger distance between them and the Egyptians who were on horseback. God gave the Pharaohs a chance to conform to his ways by sending the plagues upon them, showing he was the powerful force on earth and it was him that ruled the Universe, also that he had technology far and beyond anything the people on earth had ever seen. Moses was told by God to carry out a super human feat by using a rod (Exodus chapter fourteen verse sixteen) to part the sea so the rod must have transmitted God’s power through it to create this act which is another example of a powerful weapon used by God’s crews in their battle against evil on earth. It was against the Egyptians when, in pursuit of the children of Israel Moses opened up the sea(verse twenty one) creating a dry path for the people to cross, allowing it to flow freely again after they were safely across, trapping and drowning the Egyptians who were caught in the torrents as the sea came together again. Another deadly warning to the Egyptians of how much power God has. The rod used by Moses was also used to get water out of a rock merely by striking it so I wonder if this is the source of the magic wand used by magicians now contriving to the myth and mystic that surrounds the word of God in today’s society. No earthling could achieve Moses’ deed today never mind thousands of years ago, proving that God is no myth but someone with fantastic ability that could only come from a race that had perfected their lives over billions of years a race on whom we were natured on but, even to this day cannot achieve their feats. Even after saving these people some of them still doubted his powers so to further prove his point he sent down food from Heaven, which would have been dropped from one of the spaceships. The people realised Gods power by this time and it was then he told them of his jealousy, warning them to worship him and no false Gods who might come along, and then he laid down the laws they had to abide by if they wanted God’s help in the last days (The ten commandments, which can be found in Exodus chapter twenty.)
The events sound very frightening just before God read out the Ten Commandments in Exodus chapter nineteen verse sixteen when being described by Moses but if we had been there to witness that event we would describe it with less fear as we would understand the use of loudhailers and the rumblings of engines with their heat glow looking like fire. The Middle East was central to Gods plans and while he was overseeing events there, the population of the world was ever expanding, to the colder reaches of the globe. The further away the people went the less they thought or knew of Gods work on earth, so, they too had to he convinced by shows of strength. The very way that God appears and disappears should have made today’s readers, suspect that he was no ghost or mythical creature, although the way it is described leaves a lot to be desired. Chapters thirty four verse five “And the lord descended in the cloud and stood with him there and proclaimed the name of the Lord.” How would we describe it, would we not paint a clearer picture with our understanding of flight? Faith has to come into it and we were supposed to realise, that when the cloudy pillar appeared at the tabernacle at the time Moses spoke to God, it was God descending to earth from his spaceship with some form of conveyance they used. We today seem to want to ignore these definite clues in favour of God’s presence being, not so much mythical as mystical. Exodus finishes with a cloud covering the tent of the congregation and “The Glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle.” which in my view was, God descending in a craft and while the shadow covered the place, he got out and entered the Tabernacle, spoke to the Children of Israel before they spread throughout the land, telling of their past adventures as they went. It is only by reading the Bible and using the intelligence we have in this day and age, drawing our own conclusions from it, instead of the theories of our misguided ancestors who, were brainwashed into that mystical being their parents came to believe in, as the years slipped further away from the facts, that we will understand what really happened.

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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Jacob's ladder; to heaven, or a space station?

Abraham had close contact with Gods crews and took advice from them in the quest to expand earth’s population. Some of the orders were given face to face while others were called down from the ships or stations above the clouds. God would have explained where his planet was and when contact was being made, the earthlings would have thought it was coming from Heaven and not through a public address system located on the ships and stations in the sky above them. Looking at the early names in the Bible suggest they came from another planet as they are unusual and not often used by earth people. This would most likely be true considering, the ancestors of these people were made up of crew from God’s and the Devil’s ships before Noah and his family began to regenerate earth. The names would have been passed down but gradually phased out as the earthlings began introducing there own names into our vocabulary only using a few names mentioned in the Bible, that they found interesting.
It was at this time when the population was expanding and traveling further afield that the earthlings met up with the Pharaohs of Egypt who did not originate on earth but had been brought here by God’s commanders. When they made contact, with their chosen few, by mental telepathy (which would have been the more likely method) it gave the impression that they appeared in a dream, as the earthlings, had no idea such potential existed. Jacob, in what he thought was a dream (Genesis chapter twenty eight verse twelve to verse sixteen) witnessed the crew (Angels) ascending and descending from a ladder that reached from earth to Heaven, (the spaceships or stations) he also saw God standing above it, probably at the open door of the ship. It was described as a ladder which, it could have been if the ship was low enough to use one but God’s crews would have many ways of moving between earth and, the ships and as Jacob thought it was a dream he would have described his vision in the only way he knew how, just as did the other men who played a part in the writing of the Bible. Jacob would have been put in a trance so he would not be frightened when he was rising up to the ship that will be why he thought it was a dream.
Shortly after when we go into Joseph’s life we come upon the King of Egypt “The Pharaoh”, (Genesis thirty nine) which proves God, his commanders and crews existed on earth at the same time as the Egyptians although, there was never any doubt of this in the minds of the people in the modern world who research these things, only who, and what God is. When Joseph spoke about God to the Pharaoh there were no questions asked of who God was, the people of that time knew of Gods existence, as he and the crews of other spaceships went among them when need be. Signs of disasters like, volcanic eruptions most likely, being the cause of the famine lasting seven years, spoken about in Genesis that raged in “all the countries of the world.”
God had predicted the famine and would have known of an impending volcanic eruption of dire strength that would cloud the sun’s rays with its fallout, causing the crop failure. This has happened frequently in the history of the earth and perhaps these individual events, made God aware of the devastation that could occur if it happened in a larger scale. Here we had a big clue of what was to come, so, God prepared and planned from that moment to save earthlings, warning, them of Armageddon and what they had to do to save their selves. This time the devastation would be none of Gods doing but, only he will be able to save the earthlings. All the records of these first years of new man was told by Moses who would have been appointed by God for the soul purpose of keeping a true account of events for future generations like ourselves thinking, we would understand the implications of what will happen to us if we do not believe them never thinking that, as the years went by they would be taken out of context by a people with expanding knowledge. We have failed to see the significance of Moses records covering thousands of years B.C. and of his prophecies told to him by God and, through our translations have made them seem more like mythical adventures than truth. As Moses was born after some of the events he wrote of and before others, God must have told him of them, because he was on earth during that period and was in the company of Moses before the time of the Pharaohs as we have already pointed out.
It is at the beginning of Exodus that we first read of Moses and his birth recoded in chapter two verse two then, Moses goes on to speak of his own life and the troubles he had, but with Gods help survived more than one ordeal.
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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Advanced equipment

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I have already explained where new, man as the baffled archaeologists call him came from AND Gods part in the creation of earth. Now we have to look at the difficulties he had supervising the place, while trying to keep law and order. We already had examples of God’s disappointment in the earthlings he helped create, but as he promised he would not kill every living thing on earth again, he still had to show that his wishes had to be adhered to.
Sodom and Gomorrah became his first target when the almost all of the population of these cities began to doubt his importance and disobeyed his wishes by committing every sin God frowned upon so, they were destroyed completely by what is described as fire and brimstone. Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back and as it does not state how large or small the pillar of salt was, we have to ask if the destruction was caused by a bomb generating enough heat to leave only her body salt as her remains or was it just her ashes being descsibed as (a pillar of salt)? We may have atomic bombs and nuclear weapons which can wipe out cities, but this was a controlled explosion that, although destroying two cities confined the fall out to a limited area which affected nothing further than where Lot’s wife stood and of course the cities it destroyed. (Genesis chapter nineteen verse twenty four) “Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the lord out of heaven.” (Verse twenty six) “But his wife (meaning lot’s wife) looked back from behind him and she became a pillar of salt.” Reading the verses concerning Sodom and Gomorrah proves that God and his commanders had weapons far in advance of the people on earth at that time and, most likely far in advance of what we have in this day and age. It should be obvious to us now, that the brimstone was bombs, having the same or more devastating power as our nuclear bombs which would have been fired from their ships above. Destruction enough to show God’s power and let it be a warning to any who displeased him, (another display of the genocide I have already mentioned) also proving how angry he can get. Just before Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed what is described in Genesis Chapter nineteen verse one is, two “angels” appearing to Lot and I’ll quote “And there came two angels to Sodom at even, and Lot sat in the gate of Sodom and Lot seeing them rose up to meet them, and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground.”
On the very day I am writing this Yves Rossy, from Switzerland, flew across the English Channel in ten minutes, strapped to a jet powered wing he had constructed himself. If this deed had been witnessed and recorded by the people in biblical times they would have classed him, as an angel which to me, when they are referring to angels; it is something similar to this man made wing they have seen coming and going from the ships or space stations in the sky above. This brings further proof that people reaching here from another planet would have equipment far in advance of what we have now, but are still striving to achieve. God stayed close to earth and he and his commanders moved up and down from earth’s surface which could only mean that the spaceships or space stations were, above clouds and that is why the people of earth they were dealing with frequently with saw them ascending and returning to earth at will.
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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Time for realism

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I do not doubt his great powers or, his creation of earth as we know it. I am only looking at the facts realistically and giving a more sensible explanation of biblical events. Reading the Bible as a story book is not the correct way to tackle the scriptures, as it gets bogged down in records of genetic history and slaughter, and although important, can be studied in more detail later. If the Bible was written as a modern day story book, it would be made more interesting, helping people to understand the real meaning and happenings therein. It has had many translations, but only into other languages, never changing the stories as would be seen through the eyes of men more used to space travel and space craft than our ancestors. The whole bible could be condensed to at least a quarter of it’s magnitude if it was written in twenty first century language and made into a paperback version but, to the head men of the churches it would take away the holiness of it all. What with the fine India paper most of them are printed on along with the way they are covered and bound in leather not to mention the unnecessary long winded chapters and verse accountable to an ancient language all, add up to the purpose they use it for which is to create the impression of holiness. The real reason the biblical records were passed down was to tell us of God, YES but to also to explain how advanced the planets and people at the very centre of the universe have become in comparison to the planets and people farther away from the original blast. It is as simple as that not the complicated God fearing version the churches have come to project with all the needless pageantry carried on from medieval times. Let us look at the Bible through the eyes of men from the twenty first century, condense it, and give it a translation befitting this era which hopefully will enhance my theories.
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Monday, 24 November 2008

Brain washing

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Moses account of the first days of the newly created earth; the earth God and his people had arrived at to oversee its fate, runs along the lines of, God who created this new world told Moses of the rules and regulations that had to be upheld on it if we were to see the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Just like the founder of a new company branching out in new continents telling how he wants things run on a profit making venture with the director and workers sharing the rewards. When you start to read of God’s nature, and of him having feelings like us, one being jealousy among others, showing that he is not some kind of vision that appears like the genie in the “it could be you” advert we used to use for the lottery. We are made in his image and he has feelings just like us. He admits to hating and to jealousy and although it’s easy to see why they, who have met him, are in awe, it still puzzles me why we persist in denying he came from a planet far away in inner space. When we were young and we asked questions like “Where is God?” or anything on that subject, although the people we were asking believed in God, the answers we received were ridiculous. They would point to the sky correctly, but would say things like, God is in the sky, he is all around you and tell you he was up in Heaven. When you asked where Heaven was you always got an evasive cop out not a sensible answer and all this from so called learned adults. Asking them to elaborate on the matter was like asking where babies came from, they would get all flustered and come away with the most stupid things, instead of even considering telling you, God came from space and Heaven is a planet at the centre of the Universe. Yes! They believe in God, but they are afraid of the truth as too many years of brain washing prevents them from even thinking along these lines. Is it any wonder the churches of today, are losing their congregations, when our children know of the possibilities of God being from another planet and their so called superiors still cannot break away from the dull boring way religion is taught in the now twenty first century. I come from a family of Scottish north east coast fishing folk and that breed of people in my grandfathers time were always referred to as “God fearing”, their lives revolving around the sea, where, as we all know terrible tragedies are always taking place. There was a fear that if they did not obey the good book to the letter, never sailing on a Sunday, keeping the Sabbath holy, to mention only two, God would punish them. The fear lay in the translations they had been taught and would never read, a book of this nature let alone write one for fear of being struck down, or become another victim lost at sea to end their life in Hell which, was another mystical place with no real explanation, other than to hold that fear of damnation. That was the way the scriptures were drummed into them, fear of hell and damnation, if they sinned against God in the slightest. In the writing of this book, I personally have come to find that peace they were supposed to find when reading their Bibles as, the fear of Hell and damnation disappeared with the realization of whom God really is and where he really comes from. When you come to realise the possibilities of a real Heaven, when you can relate to something that is real and not just the empty space they always pointed to when you asked where Heaven was and, when your questions are answered in a sensible way with something you can picture and find realistic then, you will show an interest. Youngsters of today have a far better capacity for knowledge and are only interested in facts they can get to grips with. Space travelers are the only logical way God and his commanders and crews can be described if, the Bible stories are to be believed so, we should not fear or discount it as we are not going to he struck down because we have learned to think for ourselves. We might get punished by God if we refuse to believe in him at all, not for accepting him for what he is. Some of our distant ancestors were lucky enough to meet them and had no problem even, all those thousands of years ago figuring out what was going on even although they could not describe it very well. So why do we in this age of space travel (amateurish though it may be) deny or are afraid to admit God is a space traveller from a planet called Heaven, who will look after us in our time of need rather than strike us down! I suppose not so very long ago you would have been put in an asylum for coming out with these ideas, but now it should be the other way around. If you don’t see the probabilities, then you are closing your eyes to the facts. This book is trying to show a definite meaning to life’s origins and ending so, how better to do this, than accepting the miracles and stories in the best history book of all (The Bible) for what they really are, advanced technology of a grade we have little chance achieving on earth by people who came from beyond the stars. To ignore the likelihood of space travelers, God and the great mysteries of earth being connected, is like piecing together a jigsaw which has the main part missing. It will never be complete and the true meaning of the picture would never unfold. We should, by now be able to accept that God and the Bible are not some myth created in the minds of the men who wrote “The Good Book”. With our knowledge advancing the way it is and with the giant steps taken in space exploration, it should not come as too much of a surprise when the realization dawns that God is from a Planet Heaven at the dead center of space. Even with all the evidence we have accumulated on this possibility, the various denominations will reject these theories and accuse others that consider it as blaspheming all, the religious sects in today’s world believe fanatically in their individual faiths and rightly so, but suggest to any of them that God is a real person from another planet and not some ghostly form from the clouds, they will become very distressed at the very thought. Ask them to explain why they don’t believe Heaven is a planet and God is a real person they become angry, because while being brainwashed into believing in God, nobody has told them precisely where Heaven is and the thought of it being an other planet takes away the holiness of it all for them. I said at the start of this book that God had to evolve from somewhere, which makes him no less holy, as it is his deeds that made earthlings worship him, not because he was in any way different from us to look at. I am quite prepared to listen to anybody who can explain to me, how God is supposed to have just appeared out of nowhere as a fully grown man without, evolving from the same space ingredients as we did.
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Sunday, 23 November 2008

From donkeys to aircraft

If a flotilla of spaceships were seen over all the main cities of the world, there would still be doubters thinking it was a film set or some publicity stunt. It is only when they do the unthinkable, like meet an alien in person, will they accept the fact that they exist. Most close encounters we have heard of are, exaggerated as people sometimes imagine they are seeing things they really want to see. These people probably believe in beings from space and are so desperate to realise their dream of meeting one, their imagination takes over. Some sightings could be genuine and are down in the records as “unexplained U.F.O. sightings,” as the sceptics need that hard proof we have mentioned which, would need to be really good to convince the public of today. If they just have a bit more patience all will be revealed soon, when God arrives back in force with his rescuers to take us off this planet. We have had wars that helped with the discovery of new inventions and since the end of World War Two the Japanese and the British to name but two nations have shown what we could have achieved towards that step to everyday perfection had, we not wasted years on military improvements. With great technological advances covering less than a century, we are moving closer to some form of idealism but, I doubt very much if we will ever reach the perfection that has been achieved in Heaven. The wars, disasters and disease that have occurred on earth, only succeeded in preventing the population expanding to a level that this world could not cope with prolonging mankind’s lifespan on this planet enough until our place on Heaven is prepared for the correctly predicted demise of earth.
As we are going to take a deeper look into the Bible for further proof that God came from a planet Heaven, we will have to give some thought for the prophets therein who had to describe awesome events brought about by a technology never witnessed by earthlings before. If some of our ancestors from two or three hundred years back could return today how would they react? How would they describe the machines that fill the skies and drive around our countries and clogging our city centers? Think of the fear in someone from the near past suddenly having to face modernisation, stepping out from the quietness of a country lane with the odd horse and cart passing by to the noise of traffic, the hustle and bustle of a busy city center of the twenty first century and looking up to see trails in the sky from jet planes flying overhead with machines landing and taking off at some nearby airport. Now maybe we can have some sympathy for the prophets and others who wrote the Bible never having witnessed these things before trying, to describe spacecraft and people who could travel through space. Some of my theories in this book are from clues left in the Bible, but the conclusions are all my own deep thoughts, written down for mankind to make of what he will “Just like the Bible,” I suppose.
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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Cracking the code

When you sum up the facts, from my version of the “Big Bang”, even admitting some form of life could have originated in some deep gorge or ocean on earth and, better still, a far off ocean or gorge on Heaven. Giving reasonable evidence of life coming from space, either by the elements or, God you have to admit the feasibility of it all. I have also given good reason why life was not allowed to multiply and prosper in that form, and pointed out why there has never been a positive identification of a missing link found on this planet. Darwin was the man who spent his life trying to prove man evolved from monkeys but it was only because his experiments were limited to earth that he never found the missing link or the fact that the missing link might not even exist. On his journey to Heaven God will tell him the true facts of the origin of species. I have mentioned Stonehenge and the Pyramids, with reasonable answers concerning giant people or robots from Heaven assisting in the building of them. There are giants mentioned more than once in the Bible, “Anikims” (the sons of Anak) (numbers chapter thirteen verse thirty three) being one of the sources but, as they were defeated to extinction, I have to wonder if they were crew on the Devil’s ships, or human like robots who first helped us and then in the unlikely event had a malfunction and were destroyed by God. It is possible, given the technology of God’s people that these robotic creatures were sent down from the spaceships to carry out the manual labour, lesser mortals could not do and were controlled by God’s crews overseeing the work from above the clouds camouflaging their ships. But if they were manufactured by God’s people you wouldn’t expect them to malfunction so they were more than likely to belong to the devil and that is why they were destroyed completely. Then again we still do not know the dimensions of God and the people from Heaven so it simply could, have been the work of God’s crews. We moved on to strange tribes who disappeared completely, as recently as six hundred years ago. We know it was the Spanish who invaded South America and defeated the Aztec’s and Inca’s, but as the only trace left of them are the ruins of their townships, erected in the likeness of life on some far off Planet, the question here is, how did nations as powerful and as established as these people disappear almost completely with no one left to carry on their traditions and rituals? The answer is simple, if you are willing to look at the illogical answer of their surviving members being transported to the safety of Heaven, by Gods commanders who brought them here in the first place. It is the clues left here on earth that suggest people from a more advanced planet have been here, it’s up to us whether to believe them or not. The biggest code they left us to crack is the Bible, but most people choose to ignore the unusual translations and settle for the obvious or safer ones, or just opt out, as it’s easier that way and you do not get ridiculed. We have good and bad people in every walk of life and in every variation of religion. When earth’s demise is imminent, regardless of your faith, if you have led a decent life down here, then you will receive salvation. We will, all have to convince God that we will respect and abide by the laws of Heaven or be banished to the Devil’s Planet “HELL!” Whether you have followed Christ or Buddha, be you Muslim or Hindu, if you have earned a place in Heaven God will not turn you away we, will each have a place reserved for us up there as he has promised therefore, there is no need for all the rivalry and animosity between the different religions which sadly contributes to the many conflicts around the world today. We can only imagine how perfect it will be up there and, as perfection has a different meaning to different people, each and every one of us will experience that ideal which makes it even harder to surmise. It makes me wonder why we are so reluctant, to crack the codes in the Bible and relate them to travellers from deep inner, space as the rewards for believing in them are far greater than any you would receive down here. It is difficult to accept or understand something when you have never experienced it but this is where faith comes in and this is what is severely lacking on earth today.
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Friday, 21 November 2008

Our space journey

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Pity help us if it is earth’s last days, the hostile ones will have time to repent (the thousand years mentioned in the Bible) but who would want to he left on earth under these conditions. When our explorers like Livingston went out into the more remote lands they, were the comparatively well educated humans but, they trod carefully and treated the natives with respect, and tried to learn their cultures while teaching their own. We should have learned from those past events remembering, that the tribes of Africa were hostile to begin with until they realised that each culture could learn from one another. Some nations are still hostile to the western world and are still trying to intimidate near neighbours, hoping to reap their wealth or, never wanting to yield to another race that might threaten them. It doesn’t pay them and it won’t pay us if we ignore the superiority of Gods people when they arrive. The most likely reason of the spaceships reappearance in our skies will be for that rescue mission and contact will be on their terms and not vice-versa. Maybe on our journey back to Heaven with them, they will explain the stars in the Universe and point out the black holes to us, call them by name, telling us of the part they played in the evolution of all the wonders being unfolded to us. I don’t want to put you off the journey, but it could he just like a package coach tour, although instead of castles or homes of the famous being brought to our attention, it would be familiar stars once seen from distant earth and as we pass through each constellation we would get a running commentary from our guide in transit of all the extra-terrestrial sights and mysteries we pondered over while on our own planet. I personally am very much looking forward to the awesome moment, when we pass out of what we have come to know as space and finally view that enormous planet which is to become our new home for eternity, at the very center of all, “HEAVEN!” There are countless other wonders I have not mentioned that could he connected to Gods visits in some way. Natural sights and structures, unexplained unnatural marvels, have been omitted simply because there are too many for one book. To mention all of them or go into too much detail would verge on the boring. I have tried to make interesting points when discussing notorious wonders and mysteries and I hope I am introducing a new dimension to the subjects, until such times as someone comes up with proof positive. I, among many others have great faith in these theories coming true, rather than the vaguely guessed solutions previously put before us by the learned people of the past.
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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Rosewell real or stunt

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Every major discovery has always been looked at in a serious context, never for one minute stopping to think of the lighter side of man’s nature. Certainly in these troubled years man had less time on his hands to live the lives we have today, with hobbies, sport and entertainment playing a big part in our modern lifestyles. There is little thought given to the younger generations, the teenagers of the past who’s legacies are bound to he found in the ruins our archaeologists of today dig up. Everything is based on logic, with them guessing some serious use for every find, never giving credit to the children of the past who would have played on the grounds being excavated and left traces of their own inventiveness when making up games and things to amuse themselves with. When future man unearths relics and buildings from the twentieth century, he might discover computerized records which, if they can lay their hands on an old computer will make it easier to verify the lives we lived and the way we utilised the tools of work and play that we use now. We should make sure we leave an accurate record to verify the uses of the artifacts he will discover, eliminating the guessing game our archaeologists have to play. The leaps modern man is taking in some of his inventions, like the computer and the amazing variations and updates it gets has served to improve our lives. You have to wonder how far we will be allowed to reach, as we strive for that perfection they have in Heaven. Our planet will not survive long enough, and it does not have the materials to achieve the form of space travel our superiors use in every day life. Even when earth’s end draws near we will still be far behind the technology of our friends from heaven, probably never manually reaching further than our nearest planets. We will he able to send more sophisticated probes out there but compared to Gods it will only be a step off a pavement never completing the journey to the other side of the road. The famous Roswell incident (July 1947) although recent, is another story, heading towards legend status, being one of the most controversial (so called) contacts with our friends from space. I refer to it as legend as the matter has already seems to have been misconstrued out of all proportion. Is man really that arrogant as to think, a race superior enough to conquer space travel is going to allow themselves to be captured by such a backward and ferocious race as we are .When they plan their missions here, whether the craft are manned or unmanned, regardless of the reason for it, they will have covered every avenue to secure safety in every aspect of it.
The sheer frustration of man, when he looks to the skies and realise how insignificant he is in comparison to what he sees out there and the knowledge that, in his lifetime, space will still hold many mysteries, compels him to bring the space adventures he has imagined, to life in fantasy films like Star Trek’ and “Star Wars” and always assuming the people they would meet in space will be as aggressive as we are and look completely different to us, ignoring the facts in the book they are supposed to believe in. “We are made in Gods image” therefore, the people we will meet out there will look like us, as God would have influenced the whole Universe not, just a small part of it. The fantasy side of things seems to have more appeal than the stories nearer the truth and as fact is stranger than fiction it also holds more fears knowing it will happen. We want contact with spacemen but the fear of the consequences and the unknown reactions of them, makes us wary of the event occurring. We would rather feel safe and keep it in the realms of fantasy and pray we personally never actually meet an alien face to face. Believing the Bible means coming face to face with God or, a man from another planet, is this the reason we are so reluctant to believe it? It is fortunate that mans inquisitiveness and inbred need to explore avenues of life on earth and outwards to the stars, help some of us to overcome that fear and try to solve the secrets of space we all wish to know. If the Roswell case was a hoax, as most intelligent people think, then the misguided folk responsible for it are only misleading the gullible public by trying to involve them in their own fantasies. The American government, are now beginning to admit to a department in the desert of New Mexico where all these strange sightings have taken place, given the fact that it is hard to deny when satellite pictures of it have been published in the press. Secret installations where trials took place for our war machines are now public, and it is now easier to prove or disprove hoaxes and truths with modern inventions, but the Roswell incident was simple to concoct given the reports from the area at the time added to man’s ignorance of the experiments taking place. We will be contacted from space again, when the whole world will be in no doubt of the event as we will all he involved in one way or another as the earth gets evacuated. In the unlikely event that there was any truth about Roswell and weird looking aliens being captured from a crashed spaceship it would be that it was a probe with some experimental robot like computer, sent to observe from nearer hand what all the activity was in that area and report the findings back to base which, is even more unlikely as God will he able to observe this planet in detail from the comfort and safety of Heaven. Something as ridiculous as that mock up would he no loss up there and if it came from there could have been a prank causing as much merriment in Heaven as it caused down here, (to the ones with more sense anyway). One important thing we will have to bear in mind, when the next true visit of our friends from space occurs is to react in a friendly way and not go in with all guns blazing. We are still far too hostile in our approach towards them and if our leaders had their way, any strange being from space regardless of who or what they looked liked, would he bunged on a slab and dissected in the name of science. That is one thing the Roswell incident did prove, if nothing else. Thankfully the people that are arriving will have been here before and are watching us, so they know what to expect. When they do come, it would be wise to be ready with a handshake and welcome them as we would a visitor from another country. These people are highly intelligent and have helped us in the past, so it stands to reason that they are not coming billions of miles for a punch up. They will either be here to rescue us or find out first hand, how far we have come in our learning to live in harmony with one another, and if we show any signs of hostility they will just return to their own planet until we are fit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wavering beliefs

There are many similarities in the way all religions build their places of worship. They are all erected in a lavish way with majestic designs and decorated inside with precious items. Man trying to create a building, worthy enough to worship their creator whose home is reputed to be adorned with gold and silver. As it is basically the same God we all worship, each domain for the various religions bares a resemblance to the other. This in itself should be enough to fire the imaginations of the doubters why, does so many people all over the world since and before Jesus, worship in the same manner? It can only be that the gods they worship did come from space and mingled with earthlings for a while convincing, our ancestors enough, as to pass on the events of that period, most of which is recorded in the Bible and books of other faiths. Two thousand years have passed since the last big event of the Christian faith was recorded and like any other spectacular event that has happened on earth, as time passed, the less it is remembered or, more so the less important it becomes. As each new generation came along, the further away the event was, resulting on us thinking less about it and the true, facts of it being lost along the way. When the years roll by, latter generations wonder if it really happened, was it a myth or a legend, to instill fear into people, keeping them in line with the laws of the land. This particular event was so spectacular that it is still remembered today although the translations of it have become distorted by lack of knowledge or understanding of the people who are now translating the recordings of the prophets from the Old Testament and the Apostles in the New Testament who in turn were all instructed by God. We seem to have missed the point when we read our Bibles, wherein lies the heritage of people far superior to us. We do not want to admit that we are inferior to people who walked on this earth many years ago, and some shy away from the Bible for fear of ridicule regardless of the translation. We fear the messages in the Bible, because we don’t fully understand them. There should be no need for fear, because God came here to help us and when the end of our planet comes, he will be here to save us. Although there has not been a noticeable visit from them recently, we are still being observed and God still performs miracles on earth, even though we cannot see him. He still commands the universe from Heaven and can send his “angels” commanders back to earth unobserved by our primitive radars and help, or heal whoever he decides will benefit the world most, by his deeds. We all have a purpose to fulfill on this earth before we are allowed to leave it and, it is Gods decision whether we live or die. The miraculous escapes people have had when they thought all hope was gone, people surviving horrific disasters world wide when others perished are all down to God’s intervention, not sheer coincidence as some would have you believe. Some surviving such an event, thanks God for their salvation, not fully realising it was God who was responsible for both the tragedy and for their escape, while others who never believed in God before are convinced he exists after they have been closely involved in one of his deeds. There is a reason for every one of life’s adventures or disasters which will he revealed to us in time.
If the young people of today were taught about the God I am writing of then there would be more people attending the churches that are now going into decline. If they were told of God being a real person from another planet they would show more interest, as it is a real person they are being told about and not, the mythical apparition he has become in their minds, as this is the boring unbelievable character they have been led to believe the bible was about. The sad and cruel things we have to hear, are all God’s will, but if we believe the Bible, we will understand his believers will be together again in Heaven. We have no reason for fearing God, and the book that he edited is there to give us comfort and understanding until his return.
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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Vikings

God and his crews traveled billions of miles (or light years even) to get to earth and have the capabilities to move anywhere in the universe so why do most people assume they limited their visits to the middle east? Is it because the stories in the Bible do not revolve around lands farther away or is it that they do not want to associate God with the other events that happened over the earth in the same era?
The Vikings also known as the Norsemen (people from the north) are a race worth mentioning at this point, who did not have as much knowledge of the stars even though they originated about a thousand years after the birth of Christ. Coming from the cold Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden where the ice by this time had melted enough for habitation to exist.
They started exploring and came to Britain around 793 A.D. and stayed for about three hundred years their last invasion being in 1066 when William the conqueror became king of England after the battle of Hastings. They also invaded south into Europe hence, Normandy in France being named after them (land of the north men)
The Vikings had their own Gods, Odin the leader of the Gods, God of knowledge and war.
Thor, God of thunder, provided protection from cold and hunger (giants) and other dangers. They also had Freya, Goddess of love and beauty.
These Gods and Goddess could have been new commanders who brought this race to earth to populate it from the north on the lands clearing of the receding ice. This race would have been programmed to forget about their old planet and their legends would have grown out of stories handed down by their ancestors who tried to explain in their own way how they came to be here. Their legend grew to them thinking that they went to a place called Valhalla (old Norse Valholl, hall of the slain) and feasted with the Gods but after they had settled in England (angle land) the Vikings changed their religion to Christianity. By this time the Romans and other people such as the saints had already been here and told of what had happened when Jesus was born and of the God who was his father. The Vikings would have then realized that Jesus’ father God was the connection to Gods they believed in and that the stories they had been told had been expanded on through time and turned into legend.
There are no pyramids built by the Vikings also, there was no other resemblances facially or otherwise to the Egyptians or the other nations from the warmer parts of earth. The Vikings who, could have come from a colder planet than the other nations mentioned, had their own ideas of how they originated (until they discovered Christianity) which ran along these lines.
First there was nothing then the north and south were joined together and made a frost- giant Ymir. Ymir created more giants who ruled all over the world (once again giants on earth although this legend could have arisen from the commanders of great stature who brought them here) then a cow was created to feed these giants; this would be their version of God creating the cattle of the earth that we read of in Genesis. The Viking legend states that ice covered the whole of the earth but as they were not here at that time they must have been told by the commanders. Their story continues, after a long time Bur was born out of the ice and he had three sons who fought Ymir (similar to the devil’s rebellion towards God or did something like this occur on their own planet) and killed Ymir his blood became the sea and his body became the land. From his skull they made the entrance to Heaven (note Heaven and not Valhalla) so they must have remembered being told about Heaven. Odin their God was supposed to be a son creating a dwarf race (dwarfs possibly being the size we are now compared to the giants mentioned) from the maggots within Ymir’s body and Odin’s brother ruled over everything and soon created the first human beings. Is it any wonder that when they heard about Christianity the penny would have dropped and that the things they had been brought up to believe in was only legend, their stories exaggerated as the years passed by.
It is only religions like ours who preach from the bible or books of similar content that gives a more logical explanation of people from another planet coming here and having to do with the creation of earth.
The differences between the races or civilizations are too great to have all originated on earth if, we had all originated on earth our features, rituals and cultures would not be so extreme, as diet and climate does not define the way we look but coming from different planets would be a more likely cause.
The people on earth were told to go forth and multiply meaning that they had to breed with all races but even today although interbreeding is happening more often each race tends to prefer staying within the confines of their own cultures hence the fact that there are still definitive differences between the races on earth now.
We claim to know so much about cultures from all these years ago yet, many things are still puzzling us as, are there many conflicting theories as to how some of these feats were achieved. Tasks near impossible for mankind of today to carry out, never mind for the people from thousands of years ago. Why do we not realise that these are the years the Bible is covering and giving us the answers to these puzzles. Navigation, possible then by people who arrived here in spaceships, carrying their first hand knowledge of the stars to earthlings around a planet they had nurtured. Why has this theory never been taken seriously, as the clues are all there in the Bible and the remnants of Gods time here are clear to see? The men from Heaven would have probably stayed longer, even into our lifetime if Krakatoa had not erupted approximately 1500 years ago polluting and blackening the skies around the globe for years where their mother ships were stationed.
Krakatau or Krakatoa as its sometimes spelt is a volcanic Island or a stratovolcano situated in the Suno Strait between Sumatra and Java and its violent eruption in 535 A.D. may have been responsible for the global climate changes between the years of 535 to 536 A.D. Violent volcanic eruptions can be responsible for partial ice ages or mini ice ages and if one occurs in the near future it could put an end to the global warming that is worrying the politicians and scientists of today although, it would create numerous other problems for them and us to worry about.
Earth would have progressed more rapidly if our friends from Heaven had settled here, but with so much volcanic eruptions and earth quakes occurring they took their knowledge and the more intelligent earthlings they had taught with them to the safety of their own planet Heaven, where they will observe us, returning periodically until earth nears the end of its life, by which time they will return in force to rescue us.
The temples in Cambodia akin to the structures like the pyramids were built after Gods commanders left this planet but could still have been influenced by one of the visiting crews checking up on the earth’s progress first hand.
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Monday, 17 November 2008

Easter Island

Chile - Easter Island, Ahu TongarikiImage by vtveen via Flickr

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, as it is known today by the natives, is another example of this era. It is one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world (2237 miles west of Chile). The great statues erected there are another baffling phenomenon that has the great brains of today guessing at how this task was carried out by people who they suppose, sailed across a mighty ocean in a boat tied together with rope made out of reeds twisted by hand. There is no doubting the capabilities and the sea worthiness of such craft but, you have to ask these questions and wonder at the logic of it. To cross such an expanse of sea would have taken many months and, to come across this particular small island in the said, vast expanse of sea which, they could have had no knowledge of could only be put down to good fortune. (The last volcanic eruption being over a hundred thousand years ago which cancels out any volcanic ash spouting high in the horizon, guiding anyone towards it). Added to which the sailors would have had to carry enough food and fresh water to last a voyage that would have taken them through typhoons and storms in a boat that (well built though it was) would not have withstood the battering it would have had to go through. There is the possibility of catching fish and utilizing rain water but that is only a slim possibility as the treacherous seas would make this very difficult. There would have been times when the sea was becalmed but in these waters such times would be few and far between and when the storms raged again the fresh water would be lost by spillage or contaminated with salt water. Barely with luck and better navigational knowledge on their side would they have been able to judge a safe passage across these seas. The ships of today can only carry a limited amount of provisions and regardless of their massive size many are lost to the power of the savage seas. Without speculating too much on how the inhabitants of Easter Island got there, we will however, speculate more on the statues. I am trying to establish the presence of Gods people on earth around this era and it is not unlikely that the statues here could have been erected in their honour and in their likeness with their help. What other reasons was there to build them in such proportions if they are not structured on life size people, so once again we have to ask the question why were they not built smaller to easier manageable dimensions, like the Romans did or we do in this day and age? There is no other logical reason other than the space travelers, who were on earth at that time. After God and his crews left this planet earth men made no attempt to work with blocks of such magnitude as the Pyramids were made of or erect and manoeuvre colossal stones of which the statues were made so, why do we assume the people in days gone by would be so stupid to cause unnecessary, almost impossible work for themselves never, giving our friends from Heaven credit for their part. Mankind today has tried with a limited amount of help using modern machinery to create the skills required to carve, move and erect one of these massive structures and not been very successful yet, they still are convinced that hundreds of the inhabitants of this Island spent all their time and energy struggling to erect these symbols. Do we really think that these people would spend generations, and lifetimes, using masses of people, the amount that would struggle to work together as a team, on such an impossible task? Why, if you believe such a far fetched story, can you not look at it in a more logical way and admit that people large enough to handle these large structures were on hand to help erect them. The people on Easter Island could have been taken there by our friends from Heaven and the statues are a replica of them left to remind the natives of the days that the giants from the skies were among them.
Looking closely at the cultures mentioned such as the Aztecs Incas and Pharaohs (etc) we can find more than the large constructions connecting them and realise that they all occurred in the same years as the Bible speaks of when God and his people were on earth. Archaeologists are only now beginning to find connections between cultures like the Incas, Egyptians and the people of Rapa Nui also, into Cambodia as I have already mentioned where more recent structures mirror the stars just like the great pyramids. One main connection is that the mirror image all these nations have copied is of the sky ten and a half thousand years ago, but what the archaeologists do not want to admit or have not cottoned on to is that the people from Heaven were visiting earth for at least twelve thousand years before Christ. I have to emphasise again that time means nothing if you have eternal life, and the ten to twelve thousand years the visitors spent on earth would have meant nothing to them. We spoke of the Sphinx and the doubts arising of when it was built, as some are dating it to ten and a half thousand years ago. If you look closely at it, water eroded tidal marks can clearly be seen, along with signs of heavy rainfall, channelling groves all along and down its body, which could mean this was the creature in the midst of a river mentioned in the Bible (which we will come to further on). The questions I would like answered are, if all these years ago certain races had the mathematical ability to calculate with such precision, distances and angles, creating star patterns on earth, why has it taken mankind SO long to catch up with them? We must have taken backward steps since these great achievements, otherwise we would have mastered the skies by this time, and space would hold less, secrets for us. Why do people on earth, with so much knowledge think our ancestors accomplished these feats themselves, traveling thousands of miles over treacherous seas taking their cultures and knowledge to lands barely reachable by earthlings of that time? Great navigators of the seas did not occur until many years later, once man realised the earth was not flat.

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Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Incas

South American Community of Nations member states.Image via Wikipedia

The Incas who inhabited a large part of South America, appeared out of nowhere, and their legend tells of brothers and sisters sent to earth by their father the Sun God. Could this have originally been the “Son of God”, as Jesus was already on earth when the Incas suddenly appeared? Stories become rumours, which get exaggerated and distorted, as they pass from mouth to mouth, or generation to generation, that’s what turns them into legends, but they all originate from fact. The Incas also had an exceptional knowledge of the stars and they seem to know how to navigate the Universe which can only mean that they had conversed with God's commanders and most likely discussed this as a matter of interest on their travels through space, to reach earth. (Could these people be another nation from the same constellation as the Mayans, Aztecs and the Pharaohs?) The commanders had already marked out a map at their new home, showing where their old planet was situated in the universe in relation to the new, planet that was to be their home for a short while until they meet up again,with the other inhabitants from their old planet who were taken straight to Heaven. Although the Incas could not write they were still a very intelligent nation and when their Gods explained the markings in the desert to them, they found comfort in them often, walking on them giving them a connection with their old planet. The language they spoke was “Quechua”, another tongue from a far away planet, in the same galaxy as the Aztecs and the other nations of similar culture mentioned here. Inca was the name taken from the head man of the nation, the ruler of the planet they came from. The Incas were of a more aggressive nature than the others and tried to make a go of this, world that they were thrust upon. They too recreated the buildings and brought their custom, along with gold given to them by Gods commanders to recompense them for their great loss. They too knew it was only a matter of time before the Spanish would come and although their resistance was greater, the same fate as the Aztecs eventually fell on them. They also having met the commanders and crews knew of the riches that lay in Heaven for them. Gold played a large part in their lives down here God’s commanders had tried to pacify them by telling them of the streets paved with gold in Heaven where they would finally be taken. The gold their Gods had given them here was only a small taste of what lay ahead in Heaven, and although it has no value up there, it does not take away the beauty it creates. They will be in Heaven as God had forecast, although not in the manner they thought. Instead of being transported alive, it was their souls, after their death that went on to the promised planet and we, will have to wait until our turn comes before we will fully understand the true meaning of this. All these strange cultures; building and erecting massive structures of such enormity of which we cannot begin to comprehend! How they managed with the facilities on hand to them in these times. The intricate detail in some of the buildings like the Pyramids, the precise measurements of each block, to the mammoth way the land was utilised in Peru in relation to the stars where even today the great brains of this world struggle to achieve, let alone understand how it was accomplished.
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Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Aztec connection

Teotihuacan, Aztec ruins outside Mexico CityImage by tchelseat via Flickr

Although the Aztecs and the Incas were of a later date, we have to include them as possible cultures brought here by the commanders, and most likely to have come from the same vicinity in the Universe as the Nazcas and the Pharaohs. Their culture’s and intelligence, plus their knowledge of the stars put them in the same category. We put it down to superstition and strange beliefs, the way some people from the past worshiped so called false Gods, and performed strange rituals. Have we ever stopped to wonder why, for thousands of years before Jesus was born, inhabitants all over the world have worshiped Gods from the Heavens? It is obvious that the ritual of worshipping towards Heaven, even in times when earthlings could not contact life on other lands across the seas, could be put down to the fact that some of them had witnessed the deeds of a superior nation from Heaven. God’s commanders and crews were the intergalactic contacts, passing on ideas and mingling cultures together. When we take a look at the customs of these races and realise the complexity of the monumental structures built into the land and their relevance to the stars you come to believe that they could only be taught their fantastic knowledge by Gods people themselves. The Aztecs had a poet who they held in high esteem, and when you read his works you begin to see why. His understanding of the skies makes you wonder if he had spoken to God’s commanders or conversed with someone close to them. It has gone on record that the Aztec’s kept looking for another sun to appear, so you have to wonder if their old planet had two suns revolving around it, or did their Gods they worshipped describe Heaven, and it’s suns to them, and they became confused, as to which planet they had been evacuated to. It seems certain that the Aztecs conversed with the people who brought them here and events of the past and future had been discussed. While being transported from their old planet God’s commanders must have told them of their fate, as they seemed to know what life had in store for them, and the tragedies that lay ahead which God had no control over or wanted no part of. The important members of their race prophesied events that came true, proving they had received the information from somewhere. When they arrived here they brought treasures, plants and enough to start them off in their new habitation. When they began to build, their constructions reflected the towns on their own planet bearing, a similarity to other cultures on the other side of the world. The serpents and other ferocious beasts sculpted on their buildings were not mythical, or figments of their imaginations, they existed on their old planet but would not have been allowed to bring them here, as earth had already been cleansed of unwanted beasts. The Aztecs also had a fear about the sun; their, fear being when the sun went down they were afraid it would not appear again so, were they used to a sun in the sky at all times and not used to seeing the sun disappear? Were they afraid that it would not reappear as, an event like that could have been a factor in the demise of their own planet? They worshipped the sun and knew the importance, and the danger of it. If they witnessed their planet being engulfed, by its sun, while viewing from the rescue ship (as we have been told could happen to earth) it would give them cause to respect that potential. Legend states they wandered around for years trying to find a place where they could settle. They obviously did not like the spot the commanders had allotted for them and roamed around trying to find somewhere similar to their own planet so they could feel more at home realising finally, they wouldn’t find it here on earth so, they settled in (Techochtitlan) where Mexico City now stands. Religion was very important to them and they worshipped more than one God. As they had been brought here in more than one ship, they would have worshiped each commander, responsible for saving their lives, by bringing them here. Each commander or (God) was designated to certain titles, like “The Sun God”, “The Rain God”, and one for harvest time etc., worshiping each one when they needed help for each particular thing. The “Gods” or commanders would have told them about Heaven and how when their life on earth was over they would return and take them up there, where they could spend eternity, just as we have been promised. The Aztec calendar consisted of two hundred and sixty days, eighteen months of twenty days (their days and months?) plus, an extra five days added on. It would appear that they did not want to adapt to earth years, or they could not get used to them so they tried to utilise their own calendar to suit their needs. Every fifty two earth years (fifty two of our years could be the equivalent of one of their years making this an anniversary) they had a great fire ceremony which could have been depicting the last sightings of their old planet as it was engulfed by flames. Some of the drawings found on the walls of their towns and cities, look as if blood was being poured over people. The blood, as it is red, like some flames, could represent fire, and could be another ceremony for the same reason which would have been the same annual event. These rituals would have been translations of their lives, on their own planet and about the information received from the commanders who brought them here. Some of the images or drawings have a feature on the lower leg which resembles a rocket or some kind of propulsion which could, be pictures of the commanders and crews moving among them, when they were departing from the spaceships. Mankind guesses at the purpose of all their drawings and looks for exotic reasons behind them when all the time it could be something simple, like teaching their offspring or even simpler, “graffiti.” There are other drawings around the world with similar references and we of course put it down to a vivid imagination these cultures had. The Bible also describes rocket like machines which are probably the same ones depicted in the drawings. It also gives more detail of what can only be spaceships, and strange acts which could only be carried out by some superior equipment. Other authors have touched on these subjects before, but used it more as science fiction, instead of having the conviction to prove it to be fact.
When you study the rituals of the Aztec’s, you find them beckoning the Gods to return. They were told of the Promised Land where they would eventually spend eternity and having never found the happiness on earth, they had on their own planet, depression set in. This was also recorded by one of their poets, and as the years went past they became more depressed and homesick. Their Gods were not going to save them from the tragedies prophesied, because it was a part of their fate that could not be changed. It was The Spanish” who arrived in the fifteen twenties, this, was their fate and they knew it and, as had been foretold to them they were massacred. The Aztec’s only held out for so long and through famine and despair they were easy prey to their enemies. It wasn’t long until they were wiped out and to this day, like the Bible, the legacies, signs and clues to their culture and existence are still trying to be understood by experts who study the remains of their civilization.
Man still only guesses at the evidence he finds among the Aztec ruins, and fails to see the true facts. If he would only go through the ruins and legacies and look at them, albeit illogically to him, he would get nearer to understanding these people and why they knew so much about the stars, all those years ago. Their feats in this field were so spectacular that it took modern man a long time to realise what they had come across with some of the structures disguised into the landscape but still with a reference to the skies. The local people of today know and appreciated the knowledge of a nation taken off the face of the earth leaving behind wonders; modern man could not achieve or understand properly.
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