Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Flood

This time the cleansing was carried out by a great flood, stemming from continuous rain which was supposed to have lasted for forty days and forty nights so once again you have to wonder if it was Heaven days and nights as it would take longer than forty earth days and nights to flood the earth. This would in turn (with the blackness of the sky from the rain clouds) alter weather patterns causing the ice caps already at the poles to spread as, with the already freezing temperatures at these extremities the rain would be falling as snow. As the flood waters receded at the equator and the ice spreading from the poles the land began to reappear Noah returned to earth, landing on Mount Ararat (this could have been as recent as ten to twelve thousand years ago). They still had to live in the ark until the dove came back with an olive leaf in its mouth, signaling all was well and the rehabilitation of earth could begin again. Could this be the solution of new mans sudden appearance that has stumped archaeologists for so long. The events of Noah’s ark, the people and animals that emerged from it to populate the world again, are not elaborated on enough by religious teachers who only concentrate on Adam and Eve for the origins of man. With Noah we have man reappearing again to populate earth albeit these people were evacuees from the flood, similar circumstances to evacuations of floods caused by tornado's around the world in this the twenty first decade although, Noah’s was obviously on a much greater scale. The answer to most of these mysteries can be found in the Bible, if we only interpret it correctly. Life begins again on earth, but we have to ask, why did it not come from the deepest gorge in the sea this time? Did it ever come from there or is this proof we originated in space? Why do new life forms not appear in stages now or evolve as they are supposed to have done? As Adam and Eve were created by God also their descendants; in the form of Noah and his, wife and family repopulating the earth, leads me to believe the saying "WE ARE ALL JOCK TAMSON’S BAIRNS."

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