Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Time for realism

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I do not doubt his great powers or, his creation of earth as we know it. I am only looking at the facts realistically and giving a more sensible explanation of biblical events. Reading the Bible as a story book is not the correct way to tackle the scriptures, as it gets bogged down in records of genetic history and slaughter, and although important, can be studied in more detail later. If the Bible was written as a modern day story book, it would be made more interesting, helping people to understand the real meaning and happenings therein. It has had many translations, but only into other languages, never changing the stories as would be seen through the eyes of men more used to space travel and space craft than our ancestors. The whole bible could be condensed to at least a quarter of it’s magnitude if it was written in twenty first century language and made into a paperback version but, to the head men of the churches it would take away the holiness of it all. What with the fine India paper most of them are printed on along with the way they are covered and bound in leather not to mention the unnecessary long winded chapters and verse accountable to an ancient language all, add up to the purpose they use it for which is to create the impression of holiness. The real reason the biblical records were passed down was to tell us of God, YES but to also to explain how advanced the planets and people at the very centre of the universe have become in comparison to the planets and people farther away from the original blast. It is as simple as that not the complicated God fearing version the churches have come to project with all the needless pageantry carried on from medieval times. Let us look at the Bible through the eyes of men from the twenty first century, condense it, and give it a translation befitting this era which hopefully will enhance my theories.
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