Sunday, 23 November 2008

From donkeys to aircraft

If a flotilla of spaceships were seen over all the main cities of the world, there would still be doubters thinking it was a film set or some publicity stunt. It is only when they do the unthinkable, like meet an alien in person, will they accept the fact that they exist. Most close encounters we have heard of are, exaggerated as people sometimes imagine they are seeing things they really want to see. These people probably believe in beings from space and are so desperate to realise their dream of meeting one, their imagination takes over. Some sightings could be genuine and are down in the records as “unexplained U.F.O. sightings,” as the sceptics need that hard proof we have mentioned which, would need to be really good to convince the public of today. If they just have a bit more patience all will be revealed soon, when God arrives back in force with his rescuers to take us off this planet. We have had wars that helped with the discovery of new inventions and since the end of World War Two the Japanese and the British to name but two nations have shown what we could have achieved towards that step to everyday perfection had, we not wasted years on military improvements. With great technological advances covering less than a century, we are moving closer to some form of idealism but, I doubt very much if we will ever reach the perfection that has been achieved in Heaven. The wars, disasters and disease that have occurred on earth, only succeeded in preventing the population expanding to a level that this world could not cope with prolonging mankind’s lifespan on this planet enough until our place on Heaven is prepared for the correctly predicted demise of earth.
As we are going to take a deeper look into the Bible for further proof that God came from a planet Heaven, we will have to give some thought for the prophets therein who had to describe awesome events brought about by a technology never witnessed by earthlings before. If some of our ancestors from two or three hundred years back could return today how would they react? How would they describe the machines that fill the skies and drive around our countries and clogging our city centers? Think of the fear in someone from the near past suddenly having to face modernisation, stepping out from the quietness of a country lane with the odd horse and cart passing by to the noise of traffic, the hustle and bustle of a busy city center of the twenty first century and looking up to see trails in the sky from jet planes flying overhead with machines landing and taking off at some nearby airport. Now maybe we can have some sympathy for the prophets and others who wrote the Bible never having witnessed these things before trying, to describe spacecraft and people who could travel through space. Some of my theories in this book are from clues left in the Bible, but the conclusions are all my own deep thoughts, written down for mankind to make of what he will “Just like the Bible,” I suppose.
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