Monday, 15 May 2017


Since I wrote my book and for that matter my last post on here there has been many new discoveries by the probes we have sent to far reaches of our solar system and one probe which has ventured far beyond that but we have yet to discover whether we are alone or not.
We now know that there is no intelligent life anywhere near us but we have discovered far off planets where we think a life form like ours could exist. I have no doubt that life does exist on other planets and if you have read my book you will know that I think they have reached us therefor they are a far more intelligent people than we are.
You have to face it, a people with that much intelligence and with the skill to move around the universe would never want to set foot on our world with all the wars and unrest across our globe so until we learn to live in peace not only with other nations on this planet but also with our own countrymen and even our next door neighbours will any other intelligent life ever allow contact.
It is not us who will fined them, it is they who might someday reveal themselves to us, until then the peaceful among us can go on exploring the outer reaches, learn and observe amazing happenings within our scope and maybe in some far of day this world will have peace in every corner of it. Be it common sense of the peoples around the world to make peace (this I doubt) or will it take some apocalyptic disaster that will fall upon the earth and transform it into a planet where the intelligent life out there will want to return.
The later is the most likely outcome and as events such as this has happened before. The day of another event could be fast approaching as the peoples of this planet get more aggressive towards each other and who knows it just might be that intelligent life out there that has a hand in ending all wars and aggression.
Hmmmm does the bible not describe a happening such as this and does my book not make it clearer why it is the most likely outcome?
NO we are NOT alone in the universe is the answer to the life long quest of mankind and we could soon be finding out so watch out world.