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Before Genesis to Revelation and Beyond

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Chapter One


“IN THE BEGINNING”……….There is only one other book I know of that begins with these words, it of course is the Bible. It then goes on to describe how God created the earth as we know it with all its creatures and allowing his main creation MAN to be dominant over all. I will of course refer to it frequently and compare the recorded events in the Bible to my theories. THIS book goes back much further than that. Let us go back to the real beginning to just before “THE BIG BANG” and look at it from a realistic angle. God, reputed to be the creator of mankind had to have HIS origins, so we will have to explain that before we can understand our own.
The black matter that puzzles the scientists today, are where all the ingredients to form the universe as we know it originates.
A wisp of gas in the vastness of space, the trail increases and broadens until it comes in contact with another type of gas creating a chemical reaction, energy was then created causing a circular motion this, in turn eventually caused a violent vortex of unimaginable proportions (one type of gravity) which was the beginning of the biggest black hole ever. A black hole reacts in the same way as a tornado, drawing or sucking everything within range into its centre. This particular massive black hole increased in velocity which became the beginning of gravity, becoming billions of light years wide gathering in other gasses, also various microscopic items combined in the black matter drawing them into its centre and just like a large blender mixed them together creating the beginnings of the universe. Eventually the space chemicals reacted, resulting in a combination of such magnificent proportions of combustible material it resulted in “THE BIG BANG” The first solids blasted out into the dark emptiness spinning away(creating a different type of gravity) spreading outwards from the blast these were the rocks, metals and gasses that were to form the stars and planets. If you explode a large piece of matter in this manner, you will note the pieces of the object that settle nearest the explosion are very much larger than the pieces furthest away. Perhaps NOW you understand where we are going or rather WHERE WE REALLY CAME FROM! There is nothing dense enough in the space the debris is hurtling through to stop it so, the only thing that will prevent it from projecting outward is gravity and the repercussion of this will be explained later on in this book.
The gravity created by the spinning objects are similar to the gravity created by the black hole while both are creating suction, pulling things to a central inner point. The gravity around a solid cannot create a vortex but compacts the materials of the solid which eventually transforms it into the spheres we know as the suns, planets and moons hence, the gravitational pull on the earth’s surface. Once the planet settles in orbit around a sun, finally taking its shape and size, determines the speed it rotates also, its force of the gravity (or suction) on the surface. As you get further away from surface of the spinning planet where the air gets thinner the force of the gravity on the outer edge which moves around with the planet can now repel incoming objects with the speed of the sphere making the gravity act in reverse for objects outside the gravitational pull. An example of this is if you rotate a globe fast enough then try to put your hand flat on the surface your hand will be thrown off.
Scientists know about the Big Bang and how it came about but have never explained positively where in all of deep space it occurred. Look out into space towards other constellations and instead of thinking you are looking at outer space, realise you are looking towards inner space, billions of miles beyond the farthest star visible to us lies the centre where the largest pieces of the debris left by the explosion are to be found. These pieces were so immense they slowed down billions and billions of years before the stars in our vision the “outer rocks” or all the galaxies and constellations as we know them, some of which are still evolving, some already burning out (dying) but still extending outwards from the centre where the largest pieces have already settled, evolved and have become what we know as the Heavens (Genesis Chapter two verse one “Thus the Heavens and earth were finished, and all the hosts of them.” Verse four states “These are the generations of the Heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the Heavens.”) (Note, earth is singular and Heaven is plural………Heavens) with one immense planet at the centre HEAVEN itself where GOD evolved; Yes! God had to evolve too. Heaven would have had to go through the same process as earth but Heaven would have to evolve unaided as would God and of course his ancestors having the distinction of forming the first intelligent life in the universe. It is difficult to grasp the fact that God had to evolve the same way as we did but what other sensible explanation could there be.
My theory is that a galaxy was formed at the very core just after the big bang by these extremely, large fragments that had stayed close to the original explosion owing to the shear enormity of their size. Out of this phenomenon, the pieces began to take their spherical shape with the continuous spinning, and surface gravity they had built up, gathering and compacting all, the materials for the people from which, they were to evolve from needed, to give them an astounding lifestyle which in due course would benefit all of mankind throughout the now forming universe.
The largest of these planets, took command at the centre and became, “THE NUCLEUS” of the universe which is called Heaven. Because of its gigantic size it has its own suns and moons revolving around it. This is the opposite, system of the planets we are used to as they, revolve around a sun. The people from that part of the universe now call this “The Heavens,” the same Heavens that we have been told about throughout our lives.
This is a planet with a perfect atmosphere suitable, for human life to live unhindered by the follies the rest of the universe has to cope with.
Out of the magnificence of nature, intelligent life formed on Heaven and after all the trials and errors, perfection was finally accomplished over the billions of years they had ahead of earth and other forming planets.
Further out in this central galaxy is another large planet with vapour and gasses pouring from its crust creating a very warm and unpleasant heat on the surface. This also has suns and moons revolving around it adding to the extreme heat all over the planet which is known to the people of that galaxy as “HELL,” and is a very uncomfortable but liveable planet to be on. We will now go on to look at our world and our small corner of creation through different eyes.

I am using earth time as an example of the span these events occurred over but, during these moments time HAD begun but did not exist as we know it, and as we know earth time only mattered once man evolved there. Time used by God and his crews would have first been calculated by the inhabitants of Heaven which would be on a larger scale than earth putting time and distance into their proportions coinciding with the solar regularity in their part of the universe.
Heaven is so immense it revolves very slowly and its gravitational pull takes all the galaxies in our vision and out with our vision around with it, therefore, not only does our earth rotate itself, it revolves around our sun in our constellation combining with other constellations and galaxies which all revolve around the might of heaven.
The spinning effect influences the shape of the debris hurtling about in space, which given time will make each item spherical. To give you an example, watch an aspirin dissolve in a glass of water then rotate the glass and observe the particles revolving. On watching think of the particles as if they were the stars in the sky after the Big Bang, they are reacting in a similar way to the debris scattered into space, edging out from the centre. When you think, that the explosion took place billions of years ago and the objects from it are still hurtling at great speed away from the chemical reaction that occurred, it should give you a small insight of the phenomenon which led to the birth of the universe.
The reason some stars and constellations are still forming is determined by the elements
encountered in the dark matter they are passing through and to which form they might develop. New smaller black holes (compared to the first one) are being formed too by the disturbance of passing debris which, pull in the surrounding ingredients to form new constellations in the vastness of space. Some stars die out quicker because of their structure or failure to accumulate enough content to keep them going longer. This tells me that the potential is in the black matter for other reactions similar to the Big Bang to occur but in a smaller scale as the debris from the original Big Bang is altering the fabrication of the black matter it passes through by gathering and utilising the gasses and any minuscule substances on its journey outwards.
The constellation earth is part of, or the contents it is made up of would have been light enough to travel further and quicker than the denser evolving wonders happening in space at this moment. You would have to be at the dead centre of the universe to appreciate the intensity of ALL around, not observing from some far flung corner of our constellation as we are.
This is where the influence of God and his people come in, having perfected their own planet they turned their knowledge to the still evolving universe to assist nature and hopefully combine everything in complete harmony with each other.
With the atmosphere Heaven has life would have evolved rapidly and very intellectually allowing them to eradicate each obstacle almost as quickly as it arose, allowing God and his people to concentrate on space travel. God having established his position as ruler of the heavens being the brains behind the rapid advancements made on his planet.
Soon they were travelling to the planets nearest them even though they were billions of miles away. The combination of resources found on their planet and a superior knowledge gave them the means for these journeys, satisfying their curiosity of what lay beyond and deciding what they could do to help. God is the superior being in Heaven where they now have found the secret of everlasting life and as its such a large planet revolving slowly, their body time clocks, like the planet ticks over very slowly too. The combination of these two things makes the distance in space irrelevant allowing complete freedom to roam wherever they like.
Certain things had to be overcome with many problems to be conquered like, illnesses, discovery of their own planet, disagreements, and the main one the rebellion of the devil plus all the other complications earth has and still has to go through until they reached the extreme limits of achievement up there exhausted all sources of invention and discovery reached the ultimate goal (THE PERFECTION OF LIFE.)
All the trouble and trouble makers had been banished to the planet they called HELL (that very hot planet discovered during their early space explorations) leaving Heaven the Utopia promised in the Bible. So here at the centre of the universe we find the origins of “THE BIBLE”.
The God we read about here had to come from somewhere too, it stands to reason he also had to evolve. We have tried every angle, even the deepest gorge under the ocean, to unfold the mysteries of the beginning of life on earth but long before earth even formed God and his people had evolved in the heavens. It was THERE that life first began after the Big Bang, possibly in some deep gorge and yes life on earth could have started the same way but here on earth it was influenced by our superiors from heaven. We on earth have been brainwashed into believing the Bible and God is something mystical when by now we should be able to interpret a more realistic meaning from it with our slowly, but ever expanding knowledge of space. When we asked where God came from our religious teachers would point to the sky and say heaven which, is correct but, to them it was not a planet only a piece of sky or a high cloud somewhere above and to this day most feel the same way, listening to misinterpreted stories written by people who lived over two thousand years ago. If you think on how misconstrued modern day stories become in a short space of time then why can we not understand the true meaning of the Bible and realise the difficulties the author’s had trying to describe people from an other planet arriving on earth in their lifetime. I am not going to rewrite the Bible just try and decode it we should, by now have enough knowledge to realise space travellers are the most likely subject in it. Let’s put aside the stories that have been passed down, creating rumours and legend from which rituals and fear occur and look at the Bible through more enlightened eyes and a more open mind by listening to my, theories on theories. Theories are such, until proven to be true beyond all doubt then, they are fact others, that are proven to be untrue beyond all doubt are, with hindsight then classed as fiction others are just classed as nonsense before any kind of proof has been established because they seem so far fetched. I wonder what categories my theories will fall into in the future.
God we are told is the ruler of the universe “the supreme God” so, he must have been foremost when life reached that perfect pinnacle in Heaven we on earth are striving for
We will only know all the facts when God finally decide it is time for us to go up there ourselves. Until that time we can only keep on surmising we, like them will become immortal through the intellectual skills of God and his people that, is when we will have to answer for our deeds down here and get our rewards in Heaven. The supreme God of the universe will judge and decide the future of each and every one of us fortunate enough to be taken there.
What form or shape we will take one cannot begin to wonder we, are only told how tranquil and sublime it will be in Heaven. We all have our own ideas of what Heaven would be to us if we could have it down here, most of them are about money, home luxuries, flash cars and exotic holidays. We have to wonder if we would need any of these things up there as we have been told how perfect Heaven is or, will the form our spirits take mean these things will be worthless to us.
The devil had been Gods right hand man during this time but, became greedy wanting all the power and be the top man. Not happy with being second in command he rebelled, was defeated and banished to the planet Hell. This was the first triumph of good over evil but the evil was to become the root of all badness that spread through the universe. The supreme God gathered his loyal subject’s together and planned ways to keep Heaven perfect, while waiting and watching, as other planets began to evolve. As each amazing development unfolded they had the technology on their ships to patrol the skies and assist nature in any way they could. When this world first took shape (about four thousand million years ago) the plates had a great deal of manoeuvring to do, so who’s to say even that event was not without intervention from God and his people. Space travel to them was by this time, an everyday occurrence and they had the power and the means to accomplish any major feat the universe required to mature. Forming the plates in such a manner could have been the start of God creating earth. He had found a suitable planet they would adapt to help them watch life evolving as they had all those years ago. By this time the bulk of dangerous debris heading earth’s way had been harmlessly directed to uninhabited planets where they would do no harm, leaving us in a relatively safe zone in our constellation.
We used to define size in comparison to ourselves thinking we were the big and dominant beings around, now we will have to compare it with God and the commanders and crew of his space ships. God made us in his likeness, although not necessarily in his stature, as we were made to suit the earth they, evolved to suit the HEAVENS, which are very much larger than earth. It is not to say they are larger than us but some of the legacies they left behind would suggest they are, or was it just their knowledge and superior equipment, that enabled them to build the large structures, I am going to give them the credit for. Curiosity has been inherited, as both or all races have the same need for adventure and the need to learn about our beginnings, our “origin and evolution”, the same thing that brought the Gods here to rid the Heavens of evil and experiment with life. The earth was not the only planet the Gods helped to create and as they moved on to other places of interest the earth and its life forms began to develop. Modern man still does not know where the first seeds of life came from. Some think it originated in the murky depths of the ocean while others have a theory that it was matter from outer space that came to earth carried on space debris. The latter might be nearer the truth although, not brought by space debris but by our superiors from the Heavens. There have been many books written on the subject of the stars, it fascinates man because it’s the ultimate mystery he has to unfold, like the conquering of Everest and all the other firsts that has been accomplished. This time we are on the receiving end, we have been discovered, (probably bred), conquered and mastered, it’s only our lack of knowledge that prevents us from admitting; we are the inferior race in the Universe and at the mercy of God and his people. Translating the Bible today, would bring whole new meanings, with man’s new found knowledge. There are many mysteries we have guessed about and we will keep on guessing until each new discovery unfolds, that is man’s nature to keep guessing until we get final proof. Man always seems to look for the complicated solution to a problem and sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees, even when he comes up with an answer he thinks is correct, quite often new technology arises proving it wrong. Even, Einstein’s theory that the Universe was curved has been proved inconclusive by recent new research, after standing all these years. It’s not so much that we guess, on this matter or new technology determines our findings it’s just that we are in the wrong place in the Universe to measure these things also we don’t yet believe how immense the volume of our calculations would need to be. They now seem to think the Universe is flat which only proves to me that it is so large it will never be put in its proper context from earth. We will never have proof positive on any of the mysteries we keep guessing at until God and his people return, on what will most likely be their rescue mission during earth’s final demise. When stars die, if there is any lives in danger God has the means to save them by possible relocation on other suitable planets (like earth) or take them to their final destination, HEAVEN! Once they decide their fate they separate the good from the bad, dropping the bad off at Hell, while the good carry on to Heaven keeping it as the utopia promised in the Bible. We believers on earth know we are going there “The Dead in Christ Shall Rise”, we will be reborn through cloning from D.N.A. or some superior method God has perfected. Our knowledge of space and the possibilities in space are ever increasing, therefore, we should be looking further afield for answers with a more open mind, realising anything is possible.
It is worth mentioning again, about the immortality of these people. Having eternal life means there would be no trace of their human remains, like graveyards to excavate, the way we traced our early ancestors. They come and go, and can leave without trace, even eradicating any vision of them from our minds, only leaving slight clues for us to work out and of course the Bible with the password to Heaven to decipher. God and his people, although travelling in other parts of space still had the technology to keep an eye on the emerging events on earth. As they watched life take shape they saw that mankind was not going to survive in this environment as, by this time too many large and dangerous creatures of the kind seen on some other distant planets were appearing and at a rate much faster than the primate, mankind was to develop from. Observing these things, they decided to play a bigger roll in the development of earth.

To me the history of earth only makes sense if you are willing to translate the Bible properly and begin to accept the intervention of superior beings from the Heavens progressing mankind. The original earthmen at the time of the dinosaurs were more animal like than human and their development had been relatively slow, therefore, the clearing of earth for new beginnings did not create many problems. A giant asteroid was redirected approximately, sixty five million years ago, off its original course, to impact with earth, landing in what is now known as the Gulf of Mexico. The aftermath of the fallout rained debris down, blackening the skies long enough to exterminate the unwanted life like the dinosaurs that could threaten the new human life forms God planed to restore earth with, leaving our planet a better place for new beginnings.
God and his people would have been watching this through their instruments in Heaven just as our scientist watched in 1994 when a comet struck Jupiter.
It is then that God would have arrived here on earth and the new earth was created from the devastation left by that asteroid. It was just like a big clear up by people with the correct equipment and knowledge to get the job done. The sky as we know was obscured by the fallout that was left so, when God said let there be light his people would have set about clearing the polluted skies with the machinery they brought with them. They now could see the sky again creating light as once again they could see the sun, moon and stars and, where Heaven was or, to them, their way back home. God then went on to create the earth more to the likeness we know it today that is what Moses is trying to explain in the first chapters of Genesis.
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