Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Adam and Eve

Adam, Eve, and the (female) serpent at the ent...Image via Wikipedia

As time passed Adam and Eve had the anticipated family, who were supposed to interbreed with the descendants of the early primates, but unforeseen obstacles got in the way. The breeding did take place but the crews of God's spaceships started getting in on the act also along with the crews of the devil's ships which had arrived. The population God allowed to develop lived much longer then than people of today; Methuselah, nine hundred and sixty nine years old, the oldest, with others reaching well over the hundred mark. The reason for this could have been to help the population expand more rapidly as there were less people to breed in these days. Eventually as the people thrived, wickedness grew also, passed down by the genes from Satan’s crews who mingled with the early primates.

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