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Proof of manufactured power sources

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The Pharaohs were becoming more powerful and troublesome at this time, having settled into life on their new planet, while beginning to mingle with the inhabitants of earth, more and more, as new man began to spread throughout the world. If it had been left to the Pharaohs they would have become more powerful than the earthlings as they tried to execute the sons of earth men first, then all of the children until Moses under Gods guidance took them away to another country, out of harms way where they would flourish as a nation. God guided Moses and the children of Israel as is described in Exodus chapter thirteen verse twenty one “And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light to go by day and night.” This is example of a small craft flying above Moses and the children of Israel piloted by god guiding them by day and shining lights ahead of them so they could see the craft and the route in front of them in the dark allowing them to travel by night keeping a bigger distance between them and the Egyptians who were on horseback. God gave the Pharaohs a chance to conform to his ways by sending the plagues upon them, showing he was the powerful force on earth and it was him that ruled the Universe, also that he had technology far and beyond anything the people on earth had ever seen. Moses was told by God to carry out a super human feat by using a rod (Exodus chapter fourteen verse sixteen) to part the sea so the rod must have transmitted God’s power through it to create this act which is another example of a powerful weapon used by God’s crews in their battle against evil on earth. It was against the Egyptians when, in pursuit of the children of Israel Moses opened up the sea(verse twenty one) creating a dry path for the people to cross, allowing it to flow freely again after they were safely across, trapping and drowning the Egyptians who were caught in the torrents as the sea came together again. Another deadly warning to the Egyptians of how much power God has. The rod used by Moses was also used to get water out of a rock merely by striking it so I wonder if this is the source of the magic wand used by magicians now contriving to the myth and mystic that surrounds the word of God in today’s society. No earthling could achieve Moses’ deed today never mind thousands of years ago, proving that God is no myth but someone with fantastic ability that could only come from a race that had perfected their lives over billions of years a race on whom we were natured on but, even to this day cannot achieve their feats. Even after saving these people some of them still doubted his powers so to further prove his point he sent down food from Heaven, which would have been dropped from one of the spaceships. The people realised Gods power by this time and it was then he told them of his jealousy, warning them to worship him and no false Gods who might come along, and then he laid down the laws they had to abide by if they wanted God’s help in the last days (The ten commandments, which can be found in Exodus chapter twenty.)
The events sound very frightening just before God read out the Ten Commandments in Exodus chapter nineteen verse sixteen when being described by Moses but if we had been there to witness that event we would describe it with less fear as we would understand the use of loudhailers and the rumblings of engines with their heat glow looking like fire. The Middle East was central to Gods plans and while he was overseeing events there, the population of the world was ever expanding, to the colder reaches of the globe. The further away the people went the less they thought or knew of Gods work on earth, so, they too had to he convinced by shows of strength. The very way that God appears and disappears should have made today’s readers, suspect that he was no ghost or mythical creature, although the way it is described leaves a lot to be desired. Chapters thirty four verse five “And the lord descended in the cloud and stood with him there and proclaimed the name of the Lord.” How would we describe it, would we not paint a clearer picture with our understanding of flight? Faith has to come into it and we were supposed to realise, that when the cloudy pillar appeared at the tabernacle at the time Moses spoke to God, it was God descending to earth from his spaceship with some form of conveyance they used. We today seem to want to ignore these definite clues in favour of God’s presence being, not so much mythical as mystical. Exodus finishes with a cloud covering the tent of the congregation and “The Glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle.” which in my view was, God descending in a craft and while the shadow covered the place, he got out and entered the Tabernacle, spoke to the Children of Israel before they spread throughout the land, telling of their past adventures as they went. It is only by reading the Bible and using the intelligence we have in this day and age, drawing our own conclusions from it, instead of the theories of our misguided ancestors who, were brainwashed into that mystical being their parents came to believe in, as the years slipped further away from the facts, that we will understand what really happened.

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