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The Vikings

God and his crews traveled billions of miles (or light years even) to get to earth and have the capabilities to move anywhere in the universe so why do most people assume they limited their visits to the middle east? Is it because the stories in the Bible do not revolve around lands farther away or is it that they do not want to associate God with the other events that happened over the earth in the same era?
The Vikings also known as the Norsemen (people from the north) are a race worth mentioning at this point, who did not have as much knowledge of the stars even though they originated about a thousand years after the birth of Christ. Coming from the cold Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden where the ice by this time had melted enough for habitation to exist.
They started exploring and came to Britain around 793 A.D. and stayed for about three hundred years their last invasion being in 1066 when William the conqueror became king of England after the battle of Hastings. They also invaded south into Europe hence, Normandy in France being named after them (land of the north men)
The Vikings had their own Gods, Odin the leader of the Gods, God of knowledge and war.
Thor, God of thunder, provided protection from cold and hunger (giants) and other dangers. They also had Freya, Goddess of love and beauty.
These Gods and Goddess could have been new commanders who brought this race to earth to populate it from the north on the lands clearing of the receding ice. This race would have been programmed to forget about their old planet and their legends would have grown out of stories handed down by their ancestors who tried to explain in their own way how they came to be here. Their legend grew to them thinking that they went to a place called Valhalla (old Norse Valholl, hall of the slain) and feasted with the Gods but after they had settled in England (angle land) the Vikings changed their religion to Christianity. By this time the Romans and other people such as the saints had already been here and told of what had happened when Jesus was born and of the God who was his father. The Vikings would have then realized that Jesus’ father God was the connection to Gods they believed in and that the stories they had been told had been expanded on through time and turned into legend.
There are no pyramids built by the Vikings also, there was no other resemblances facially or otherwise to the Egyptians or the other nations from the warmer parts of earth. The Vikings who, could have come from a colder planet than the other nations mentioned, had their own ideas of how they originated (until they discovered Christianity) which ran along these lines.
First there was nothing then the north and south were joined together and made a frost- giant Ymir. Ymir created more giants who ruled all over the world (once again giants on earth although this legend could have arisen from the commanders of great stature who brought them here) then a cow was created to feed these giants; this would be their version of God creating the cattle of the earth that we read of in Genesis. The Viking legend states that ice covered the whole of the earth but as they were not here at that time they must have been told by the commanders. Their story continues, after a long time Bur was born out of the ice and he had three sons who fought Ymir (similar to the devil’s rebellion towards God or did something like this occur on their own planet) and killed Ymir his blood became the sea and his body became the land. From his skull they made the entrance to Heaven (note Heaven and not Valhalla) so they must have remembered being told about Heaven. Odin their God was supposed to be a son creating a dwarf race (dwarfs possibly being the size we are now compared to the giants mentioned) from the maggots within Ymir’s body and Odin’s brother ruled over everything and soon created the first human beings. Is it any wonder that when they heard about Christianity the penny would have dropped and that the things they had been brought up to believe in was only legend, their stories exaggerated as the years passed by.
It is only religions like ours who preach from the bible or books of similar content that gives a more logical explanation of people from another planet coming here and having to do with the creation of earth.
The differences between the races or civilizations are too great to have all originated on earth if, we had all originated on earth our features, rituals and cultures would not be so extreme, as diet and climate does not define the way we look but coming from different planets would be a more likely cause.
The people on earth were told to go forth and multiply meaning that they had to breed with all races but even today although interbreeding is happening more often each race tends to prefer staying within the confines of their own cultures hence the fact that there are still definitive differences between the races on earth now.
We claim to know so much about cultures from all these years ago yet, many things are still puzzling us as, are there many conflicting theories as to how some of these feats were achieved. Tasks near impossible for mankind of today to carry out, never mind for the people from thousands of years ago. Why do we not realise that these are the years the Bible is covering and giving us the answers to these puzzles. Navigation, possible then by people who arrived here in spaceships, carrying their first hand knowledge of the stars to earthlings around a planet they had nurtured. Why has this theory never been taken seriously, as the clues are all there in the Bible and the remnants of Gods time here are clear to see? The men from Heaven would have probably stayed longer, even into our lifetime if Krakatoa had not erupted approximately 1500 years ago polluting and blackening the skies around the globe for years where their mother ships were stationed.
Krakatau or Krakatoa as its sometimes spelt is a volcanic Island or a stratovolcano situated in the Suno Strait between Sumatra and Java and its violent eruption in 535 A.D. may have been responsible for the global climate changes between the years of 535 to 536 A.D. Violent volcanic eruptions can be responsible for partial ice ages or mini ice ages and if one occurs in the near future it could put an end to the global warming that is worrying the politicians and scientists of today although, it would create numerous other problems for them and us to worry about.
Earth would have progressed more rapidly if our friends from Heaven had settled here, but with so much volcanic eruptions and earth quakes occurring they took their knowledge and the more intelligent earthlings they had taught with them to the safety of their own planet Heaven, where they will observe us, returning periodically until earth nears the end of its life, by which time they will return in force to rescue us.
The temples in Cambodia akin to the structures like the pyramids were built after Gods commanders left this planet but could still have been influenced by one of the visiting crews checking up on the earth’s progress first hand.
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