Saturday, 22 November 2008

Cracking the code

When you sum up the facts, from my version of the “Big Bang”, even admitting some form of life could have originated in some deep gorge or ocean on earth and, better still, a far off ocean or gorge on Heaven. Giving reasonable evidence of life coming from space, either by the elements or, God you have to admit the feasibility of it all. I have also given good reason why life was not allowed to multiply and prosper in that form, and pointed out why there has never been a positive identification of a missing link found on this planet. Darwin was the man who spent his life trying to prove man evolved from monkeys but it was only because his experiments were limited to earth that he never found the missing link or the fact that the missing link might not even exist. On his journey to Heaven God will tell him the true facts of the origin of species. I have mentioned Stonehenge and the Pyramids, with reasonable answers concerning giant people or robots from Heaven assisting in the building of them. There are giants mentioned more than once in the Bible, “Anikims” (the sons of Anak) (numbers chapter thirteen verse thirty three) being one of the sources but, as they were defeated to extinction, I have to wonder if they were crew on the Devil’s ships, or human like robots who first helped us and then in the unlikely event had a malfunction and were destroyed by God. It is possible, given the technology of God’s people that these robotic creatures were sent down from the spaceships to carry out the manual labour, lesser mortals could not do and were controlled by God’s crews overseeing the work from above the clouds camouflaging their ships. But if they were manufactured by God’s people you wouldn’t expect them to malfunction so they were more than likely to belong to the devil and that is why they were destroyed completely. Then again we still do not know the dimensions of God and the people from Heaven so it simply could, have been the work of God’s crews. We moved on to strange tribes who disappeared completely, as recently as six hundred years ago. We know it was the Spanish who invaded South America and defeated the Aztec’s and Inca’s, but as the only trace left of them are the ruins of their townships, erected in the likeness of life on some far off Planet, the question here is, how did nations as powerful and as established as these people disappear almost completely with no one left to carry on their traditions and rituals? The answer is simple, if you are willing to look at the illogical answer of their surviving members being transported to the safety of Heaven, by Gods commanders who brought them here in the first place. It is the clues left here on earth that suggest people from a more advanced planet have been here, it’s up to us whether to believe them or not. The biggest code they left us to crack is the Bible, but most people choose to ignore the unusual translations and settle for the obvious or safer ones, or just opt out, as it’s easier that way and you do not get ridiculed. We have good and bad people in every walk of life and in every variation of religion. When earth’s demise is imminent, regardless of your faith, if you have led a decent life down here, then you will receive salvation. We will, all have to convince God that we will respect and abide by the laws of Heaven or be banished to the Devil’s Planet “HELL!” Whether you have followed Christ or Buddha, be you Muslim or Hindu, if you have earned a place in Heaven God will not turn you away we, will each have a place reserved for us up there as he has promised therefore, there is no need for all the rivalry and animosity between the different religions which sadly contributes to the many conflicts around the world today. We can only imagine how perfect it will be up there and, as perfection has a different meaning to different people, each and every one of us will experience that ideal which makes it even harder to surmise. It makes me wonder why we are so reluctant, to crack the codes in the Bible and relate them to travellers from deep inner, space as the rewards for believing in them are far greater than any you would receive down here. It is difficult to accept or understand something when you have never experienced it but this is where faith comes in and this is what is severely lacking on earth today.
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