Wednesday, 31 December 2008

space journey to heaven

There is another piece of evidence which confirms the medical perfection these interplanetary travelers had achieved, when you read of Lazarus. When he died his soul was not supposed to return to his body until the time came for us all to be rescued but when Jesus saw the grief suffered by the sisters of Lazarus, he felt so sorry for them, (the shortest verse in the Bible) John Chapter Eleven Verse Thirty Five “JESUS WEPT’. Being so friendly with the family he decided to reincarnate Lazarus, killing two birds with one stone, proving his power and pacifying the once dead man’s relatives and friends. When the converted followers were asked to spread the word of God they were by this time eager to comply. The only difficulty they could foresee was how mere mortals could convince the unconverted who had not witnessed these things with their own eyes. This is reminiscent of people today, finding Bible stories hard to believe as we never witnessed them first hand. Trying to talk to most people about the Bible normally gets a negative response, religion being a touchy subject to them, but if you speak of the challenges of space travel and question if there is life out there that’s exciting, that’s something they can understand (Or can they?) If these folk realised God was a person from another planet they might want to read the book about his time on earth and then,awaken to the fact that he and his crews are going to return under horrific circumstances. There will still be that same element that will ignore the warnings, preferring to lead their lives of evil ending up journeying to Hell in the Devil’s ships. Others do not want to believe in the “life after death” they have been told about but that is through fear of the unknown as no one has come back from the dead to give them first hand information about it and even then they would still have doubts unless they experienced it their selves. It would be better for some folk if death was final, that way they could lead any kind of life they wished with no repercussions afterward. The more cautious, or brainwashed in some cases, find comfort in the religious mystique of the hereafter whereas I, look forward to the excitement of a space journey to Heaven which hopefully I will have earned during my life on earth. I hope by now most of you reading this book will have come to realise there is a definite likelihood that God was from another planet if not by the time you reach the end of this book it should be obvious to all.

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