Tuesday, 23 December 2008

guiding star or power pack

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, each give their account of events at the time of Jesus conception, birth and early life, and regardless of the many translations of these gospels, plus the description of four different men of these times, there is a strong indication that the phenomenal occurrences that happened were influenced by superior beings from another planet. If we take a look at some of the important factors described by these four individuals, we should see how much easier it would have been to prove the existence of space travelers if they had the technology of the world we live in today. If they had the same knowledge as people from the twenty first century or, if the events we are going to look at happened in this day and age everything described would be more clear cut, although the fear of God would still he present. This was the time of King Herod and in his domain so with the prophecies about this new born child’s future threatening his ruler ship he ordered its death. The Wise Men who, had been guided towards the child’s birthplace by what has been accepted as a star, told Herod of the birth, of the importance of the child, of their intention to visit him and present him with gifts. There are no stars in the sky capable of guiding anyone to a particular place on earth’s surface in such a way, (although sailors in the early days before, the compass was invented used stars for guidance, it was not in the same way as this event recorded in the bible) so my assumption is that the bright light was a small craft or power pack used by an “angel” within earth’s atmosphere which would give the appearance of a star to the more primitive people of that era. The people around the Middle Eastern countries in these times knew something exceptional was taking place but could not fathom exactly what; making them create the mystique that has been deciphered from the scriptures. The Wise Men were so called in my estimation, because they understood what the light meant, although not what it was, but they had accepted the existence of God hence the reason they were chosen. They had been told of Herod’s plan to kill God’s son, (through mental telepathy) which they describe as a dream, and would most likely have appeared to them as such with God and his crews not wanting to reveal too much of their powers. They disobeyed Herod’s wish for them to return and tell him of the whereabouts of the child, taking another route home. At the same time an angel (which we have established are God’s crew carrying messages to earthlings from the spaceships above) warned Joseph to flee to Egypt with Mary and the baby, as Herod was going to kill all the boys of two years or under, making sure the baby who threatened his dominance would be exterminated. Joseph and his family had been sent to a land that was well known to God’s crews, to await Herod’s death, the news of which would be relayed to him in the usual way by an angel. This was another strange occurrence Joseph had come to accept proving his belief in God’s existence, although not fully understanding, had complete faith in his guidance, taking Jesus to Nazareth where he would spend his early years. All these events had been foretold by the early prophets, so they came as no surprise to the more intelligent people of the time, one of whom was John or John the Baptist as he was to be known, as it was he who was chosen to baptize God’s son. John had already been telling the earthlings about God and his crews from Heaven and as their spaceships had been present (although disguised) in the skies, and, they had been influencing life on earth for some time it stands to reason the news of them was beginning to spread, just as they had planned. They wanted their existence to be known, but could never make the earthlings fully understand where they came from and why they were so advanced compared to them, When the myths and mystique grew around them they used it to their advantage as it created the required effect, gaining the attention of the people towards the warnings about earth’s demise and the safe haven of Heaven the space travelers had to offer. John the Baptist had the sense to realise what was taking place, he had heard of the prophecies that had been ignored before and knew of “the wrath of the Gods”. It says in Matthew Chapter three verse sixteen that after, Jesus was baptized by John, “the heavens were opened and he saw the spirit of God descending like a dove.” And a voice from Heaven said this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. More reason to believe spacecraft were in the skies above, or would you rather believe in a mystical character floating on vaporized water with feathered wings rather than the more logical explanation of people inside spacecraft, hovering above the earth. I can understand people of two thousand years ago thinking the ridiculous, but it puzzles me why in this day of space travel, primitive as it is, earthlings still believe in the myths of angels with harps and feathered wings floating on clouds. We have updated the Bible into modern language, but still hold on to the myths and evade the reality. If a true translation were to be written, the events after the baptism of Jesus would read like this, “after the baptism, as Jesus came out of the water, God who had been watching from the spaceship revealed the presence of the craft by sliding back the door underneath it allowing the inner lights to beam down to earth where he then descended from in his smaller craft (used only in the inner hemisphere) to where they were, while transmitting the message through the loudspeakers saying, THIS IS MY BELOVED SON IN WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED”! These were the only moments the armada above could be spotted and as the witnesses did not understand fully what they were looking up into, they tried to express it the only way they knew, providing us with the mystique that we have come to connect Heaven with. Jesus was then led out into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil where his allegiance to his father GOD would be tested to the limit, proving he was without the sinful worldly nature the earthlings possessed even though he was part earthling. When you read through the Bible, you begin to realise why it was interpreted in this way through the years, with present day man still wanting to pretend that he is the only intelligent life in the Universe. A power such as am unfolding to you now is better thought of as being a spiritual, unrealistic force rather than face up to the fact that they are real and can reappear in our skies at anytime! It’s this fear of the unknown that makes man reject these things, but if he began to accept them for what they really are, they would realise it is only the devil’s ships they have to fear, as they will have a big say, as to where our destiny lies, (the planet Heaven or the planet Hell!)

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