Saturday, 6 December 2008

Flying doctors

In the book of Judges we have appearances from the Angel of the Lord and an appearance of God in person to a couple who asked too many questions of the Angel. When the Angel was asked his name he refused to disclose who he really was and when God appeared to assist him, he seemed to ascend with flame being used to assist the ascent which is the normal thing when angels come and go and would hold no surprise to us. When God commanders were in contact with common earthlings they never disclosed any more than they needed to and their names were never mentioned, nor were any of the crew. God’s appearance was like many of the descriptions when he was sighted, with flames, him ascending and descending among flames or clouds. This is where the main problem lies when reading the Bible we can’t fathom these descriptions unless we relate them to machines not yet invented on earth at the time the bible was written but, as machines like them are being used on earth now, the problem should be solved. I will quote chapter thirteen verse twenty as another example “For it came to pass when the flame went up toward Heaven from off the alter, that the angel of the Lord ascended in the flame of the alter. And Manoah and his wife looked on it and fell on their faces to the ground.” Verse twenty one “But the angel of the Lord did no more appear to Manoah and to his wife. Then Manoah knew he was an angel of the Lord.” Here we have a person from over two thousand years ago trying to describe a flying mechanical device. Manoah and his wife Hannah thought they could not have children but after God played his hand she gave birth to a son (Samson) which today is quite common but then, it would be classed as a miracle. She was given similar advice to what women are told today, to watch what she was eating and not to drink alcohol. Each ship would have had a medical team on board to be on hand in the off chance any of the crew fell ill with the bugs that are still on earth but have been eradicated in Heaven. (Judges Chapter thirteen verse twenty two tells,) Samson’s parents set eyes on God and his Angel, they thought, for that reason they were going to die. Why would they have thought this if God had been an ordinary human? Could it be the fear of seeing a man who could fly with his extraordinary machines that made them think this, or was it his reputation of a ferocious war monger, or was it his awesome height? In these early days Gods show of power was by death and destruction and not for being sympathetic towards the human race. Although God’s presence was known on earth, not everyone knew of his existence, by this time he was keeping a lower profile and only contacting people he knew would prove useful. Samuel was one of these people and when God first used his telepathic powers to contact him he did not realise what was happening until Eli explained everything to him. (Judges Chapter fourteen to seventeen) Even though he had never experienced anything like that before he did not seem overawed by these events he put his full trust in Eli and accepted the situation (just like we put our trust in our elders).

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