Tuesday, 30 December 2008

An advanced method of acupuncture

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We come back to the resurrection and try to figure out how Jesus managed to return from the dead, escape from the sealed and guarded tomb without being observed. The crown of thorns was supposedly made by his enemies but it could just as easily have been placed on his head by an angel to assist in the resurrection. What if it was no ordinary crown of thorns but a sophisticated piece of medical equipment, in some form of headgear, with thin needles inside it, activating the brain back to life by an advanced method of acupuncture? God knew he was bring Jesus back to life and it would have been no coincidence that, it was a friend of Jesus who buried him, that way the headgear was assured to he left on his head. While Jesus was lying dead in his grave the needles that were penetrating his head, connecting on to certain brain cells, could then have been set into motion by an electronic device from his father’s craft above. By doing this they could have activate his brain which, in turn could have started his other vital organs bringing his whole body back to life. We have often wondered about all the unused cells we have in our brains and tried to figure out the purpose they were put there for but long ago the Gods would have learned how through acupuncture they could stimulate any cell in the brain to perform the deed in was grown for. Medical experiments billions of years ago would have taught them all the secrets of this spectacular organ, they would have discovered that the brain had the power to produce and release any needed chemical in the body, to cure the equivalent ailment each cell was devised for, even if death occurred. A device could have been produced in the form of headgear to use when it was needed to cure any illness they came across anywhere, in the Universe. This is another example of how they achieved the eternal life that they have and have promised to us. It is also possible that the Gods were the source of the Chinese, knowledge of acupuncture and carried it down through the years resulting in the form we know of today. However, this amazing revelation of everlasting life served the purpose it was supposed to by finally, convincing the earthlings of God and Heavens existence. As we go on to Mark, Luke and John’s account of the events they run along similar lines, each giving their own version with their own individual translation of the same events looking at them from a different angle.

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