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cave men

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I will pass by the next two books, (Nehemiah and Esther) to spend some time on the book of Job where conversations between God and the Devil and discussions between Job and his friends are recorded.The Book of Job is reputed to be the oldest book in the Bible and as you read through it you can see why. It therefore, would not be unreasonable to think that Job was one of the original earth men as that would put him on earth before Adam and we have established that there were people on earth before God created Adam. When the spaceships first came here the devil’s ships came along with them, and God and Satan vied to gain the confidence of these early earthlings. Job appears to have shown more intelligence and respected God rather than the Devil, recognizing good from evil. Job Chapter one Verse seven “And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the Lord and said, from going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down in it.” Here we have an appearance of Satan whose ships were established here then too in the very early days when he played his part in the introduction of evil on earth. There was a certain amount of culture on the earth by this time and it would seem likely that this was not the first visit of the spaceships to this planet as I have already mentioned. It is explained in Chapter Four, why mortal man cannot be better than his maker or there would be no need for him to trust the promise of a perfect planet Heaven as a reward for being good on earth. If mortals were made as equals to their maker they would have the ability to make earth as near to the perfection of Heaven as possible but this was not going to be allowed. In verse fifteen of chapter four Job’s friend Eliphaz sees one of the flying devices, which reads “Then a spirit passed before my face; and the hair of my flesh stood up.” Verse sixteen “It stood still but I could not discern the form thereof; an image was before mine eyes, there was silence, and I heard a voice saying.” In other words he had no idea what he was looking at and he was afraid, to which is no surprise as being one of the first earthlings to witness such an event and to have God and Satan appearing to him at the same time; one dreads to even contemplate. Imagine the fear we would experience if we were faced with such an ordeal. We would recognise the aircraft but we would still be terrified in the presence of these two powerful and commanding people. You can almost envisage God, answering Job’s questions, a primitive man, curious of his beginnings and inquisitive as to his endings. He (Job) is describing life and death on earth without hope of anything after death. This was the first time man was intelligent and brave enough to converse with God and the devil, two people who suddenly appeared to him finding out the answers to questions that were beginning to puzzle this now developing man. Job seemed unhappy at being a target for Gods crews as if they were watching him and learning from him how far this species of man had developed. When Job acknowledges God’s power, he remarks on some of the wonders he can perform also, how he, “can take away they who can hinder him,” “He destroyeth the perfect and the wicked” and in Chapter twelve Verse twenty three “He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them; he enlargeth the nations and straiteneth them again.” I suppose this must be referring to the genocide committed before finally allowing Noah and his family to repopulate the earth. Jobs discussions with his friends have lots of snippets in this fashion so it must have been a very unpleasant time to be on earth and we know by historical discoveries that these early days were just that. If Job came before Adam, then he and the people of his time must have been exterminated in the disaster that befell earth at the time of Noah. Chapter twenty two and verse twelve “Is not God in the height of Heaven? And behold the height of the stars how high they are!” Verse Fourteen “Thick clouds are a covering to him that he seeth not; and he walketh in the circuit of Heaven.” This is another example of what could be a space station being used and the people of earth thinking it was the Heaven God was always referring to. The circuit of Heaven sounds like a space station to me now, but when I read it in my youth before, we put objects like satellites and stations outside our atmosphere I just could not comprehend it. Job would have taken comfort from the answers God gave to his questions and being one of the innocent, will have been allowed to enter into Heaven, he had been content with his life, living in blissful ignorance of his creation, lifespan and death until it was explained to him in all its gory details, hence the feeling of depression when you read his testimony. It was left to members of God’s crew to converse with Job on his journey to Heaven and, in Chapter Twenty Nine it states, “As I was in the days of my youth the secret of God was upon by tabernacle”. Meaning Job never knew of God’s existence when he was young and it was only now, when his life was over that God revealed himself to him, giving more reason to think that Job was the first earthling God contacted and allowed his testimony to be recorded in the Bible. Chapter thirty verse six “To dwell in the cliffs of the valleys, in caves of the earth and in the rocks.” Archaeologists, after discovering the oldest human bones on record, around the coasts of South Africa, have come up with the theory of first man originating there and spreading north, which would take them in the direction of the holy Land where Gods people were known to have landed. Chapter thirty verse thirty “My skin is black upon me and my bones are burned with heat.” Job describes his skin as being black, and, taking it out of context with the verse could give us the connection we are looking for proving, the creation of old and new man amalgamating in the Middle East, when God’s crews were on hand to control matters by introducing Adam, with Noah's descendants taking over later.

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