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Skin colour

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In Jeremiah Chapter six colour is hinted at here “Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard change his spots? Then may ye also do good that are accustomed to do evil.” The colour of our skin is determined by which part of the world we were born, (or placed by God and his crews) whether nearer the heat of the Equator or the cold of the outer regions. If Job did originate from these early Africans then his skin would be black to combat the rays of the sun. There would have been tribes with white skins evolving in the further reaches of the earth by the time Job’s tribes reached the Middle East. Adam, being a creation of God, evolving in the Middle East would have a more tanned complexion similar to the people there today. These first life forms were almost all destroyed, as we have established, with an improved life form rising from the ashes. The family Noah took with him on the Ark would have been large enough to include all colours and skin types to repopulate earth and although, this is not elaborated on in the bible it should be obvious that the people taken on the ark with Noah although, called his family would have been a mixture of people and the term family would have been used in a general manner. Black skin is also mentioned in the Songs of Solomon, Chapter One Verse Six, “Look not upon me because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me.” This is Solomon speaking to a fairer skinned woman to whom he is explaining that his skin is darker due to the sun’s rays, an occurrence which would have been inevitable when the darker skinned tribes moved north, or by this time with God’s crews bringing new nations to earth so, there is no excuse for Christianity of today to ignore these facts. Fair skin is mentioned also but the significance of different skin colour has never been brought up by any of man’s preaching and translations of the scriptures. If these things had been accepted and discussed by theologians, our historians would have made the connection of black skinned people being one of earth’s first evolving human forms, meeting up with the latter fairer skins as they traveled north. Original earth people’s skin became paler the further away they roamed and settled from the Equator, meeting up with the blond white skins that were brought to the colder climates of the world. When Noah returned to earth with the Ark the people were dispersed to their rightful place over the earth’s surface re-birthing the planet in various countries simultaneously, which explains why the bones of new, man can be found around the globe dating within this period. There is a distinct description of the disaster that decimated life on earth at that time when in Chapter Thirty Seven it speaks of God saying, “Snow shall he on the earth”, he sealeth up the hand of every man.” “The beasts go into their dens and remain there”, “out of the south cometh the whirlwind and cold out of the north.” “By the breath of God, frost is given and the breadth of the waters is straightened.” “He causeth it to conic for correction of his land, or for mercy.” Does this not describe how cold the earth became with the fall out from the impacted meteorite; are these not the conditions modern man has agreed changed the world leading to other ice ages like the one ten to twelve thousand years ago? We had to wait until our scientists gave us proof of this event before we believed it happened and there it was written in the book of Job all along. Granted the meteorite is not mentioned but the conditions on the surface of the earth in the book of Job all fits the picture. It would also fit the period of Job and life before, Adam,providing more logic to my theory. The same chapter tells of the earth warming up after the big freeze, with “the fair weather coming out in the north.” When everything had been told to Job, God asked him if he now knew of his origins, after God laid the foundations of the earth, although not the earth as we know today. He then asked Job if he now accepted the power of God compared to the weaknesses of earthlings, allowing him to understand his reason for the time he had been on earth and the fact that he has a future on Heaven having conducted himself in the proper manner during his lifespan on earth. Once everything was made clear to Job his unhappy mood changed, he now had a reason to his life and knew where he was heading, even in death he accepted God for what he really was. Job realised with God creating the earth, he would do his best to see his creation was looked after and nurtured just the way we humans care about our possessions. That’s one reason we can be assured of God’s protection when the final demise of earth is upon us all.

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