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fancy dress unnecessary

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This is when Christianity began when God first told those witnessing an event never seen on earth before. It is from this moment that religion as we know it now arose with all the pomp and ceremony that goes along with it today. They were not told to go out and dress in fancy robes or to have a holier than thou attitude, they were only told to “GO YE THEREFORE AND TEACH ALL NATIONS.” All the pomp and ceremony as I have already mentioned arose as the years passed some of the people spreading the word of God lost the plot using their positions to better their selves. Eventually arriving at the twenty first century and still keeping up the traditions and dress associated with medieval times which they think puts the message across the way God intended. Nothing could be further from the truth as the first men to teach of God did not need to dress other than normal to get the word across or go to the extremes some do today which did not make them any less holy so, why does most religions think they have to keep old methods and old translations of the bible to prove there is a God and a Heaven. You do not need all that pageantry, and bibles printed on Indian paper edged with gold leaf to put a simple message across. The message God wanted everyone to hear was, that he was, real, he did, exist and he did, come from Heaven and NOT that he was some ghostly figure from a mystical place in the clouds. The first preachers were told to go and tell of God and this they did although understandably it was never simplified into the fact that the Heaven God came from was another planet that had evolved at the center of the universe long before earth but we should, know this is possible now and preach of God in the way he intended. With the newer version of The New Testament in comparison to the old version; the verses mention in the paragraph above have a more modern approach to the language but still holds with the mystical side to things. An example is in Verse Three when the angel appears which runs along the same description as the older version. While, in Verse four there is a slight difference when it describes the fear of the guards. “The guards shook with fear when they saw him, and they fell into a dead faint it basically means the same although modernized, but the thing that puzzles me is, why did they not elaborate on the appearance of the angel? I keep saying in this book, because the point I am trying to make is, why do they, in this day and age, still go down the same old theme that makes God and his followers from heaven mystical, almost vapour like apparitions instead of the human people they really are? If we, today were to witness a person descending from the sky we would also be afraid but we would surely have enough sense to distinguish whether he was from another planet especially, if we were there to witness a predicted resurrection. All the events at that time were out with the powers of earth men so why do we persist in denying superior beings from the center of space, or the central point of the Big Bang were here?
When Heaven was referred to by the “Angels” and Jesus as they spoke to the earthlings, they would have looked up to where the spacecraft or the space station was above the clouds giving the impression to the earthlings of a mystical place that they could not perceive, which to most earthlings of that era, and sadly today is, what it was, and still is (a mystical place). Heaven to God’s Angels was the armada or space station above from where their operations were being carried out, just like other countries having their embassies spread throughout the world, having their own little piece of their country in someone else’s country. The Bible mentions more than one heaven and this could be the simple explanation (space stations).

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