Thursday, 25 December 2008

hostile humans

There will be other more advanced planets in the distant constellations within our vision but out with our reach which will receive more visits than we do and in time if, we progress to be a more civilized nation God and his crews might allow us, contact with them. Most of us if any won’t be allowed that privilege until we get to that immense kingdom at the center of it all where we will finally be allowed to converse with the good folk from these other planets. We will listen to their stories of their progression into space and how they avoided contact with the inhabitants of our hostile earth and any other planets of that nature. They too, at one time were primitive and if anybody had reached their, planets then they too would have ended up on a slab to be dissected in the name of science. God’s people prevented these things from happening by keeping us apart until the time was right. Proof of how violent a nation we are, (as if we need it) is in the way Jesus was treated when attempting to warn us of the evils earth had inherited. Some folk listened and believed, some believed after a demonstration of healing power. Jealousy; which God admits to being is one cause of evil that overcame many earthlings, turning them against him with awesome results. When Jesus heard that his friend John the Baptist had been beheaded simply for being an ally of his, the Bible quotes “he departed thence by SHIP into a desert place apart.” What kind of ship can travel over the desert other than a flying ship? If this was being witnessed and written about today it could read, “He used his personal flying machine to cross into the desert to get away from it all and get his head round the events while deciding on his next move.” The crowds on his side eventually tracking him down were prepared to listen to him and accept him for what he was, THE SON OF GOD, the son of this outstanding being who had come to earth. When the people became hungry, Jesus took the opportunity to perform another miracle by using five loaves and two fish giving enough quantity to feed what was thought to be five thousand people, leaving more left over’s than the original food they started out with. We can assume from this that they had invented a device which can reproduce items of their choice in abundance proving to us that we will never want for anything on Heaven. He used this device more than once but his superiority was still doubted by certain people who still scoffed even after he walked on water and performed other miracles. There are still plenty people today who scoff at things their brains cannot grasp, so we can well picture the faces and attitudes Jesus had to overcome while trying to instill some knowledge of his Heaven at the center of the universe and the wondrous life awaiting us there. The deeds were thought to be trickery then, and still in this day and age the majority of the population won’t admit that their accomplishments are all down to perfecting their own lifestyles over billions of years. It won’t be until they return to rescue us that it will finally dawn on us what we must do to be taken off this planet and enter into his Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven! The ones who think they are clever, standing around with smirks on their faces will quickly repent when the final proof of this is revealed. The doubters asked for a miraculous sign from the skies but Jesus had already given them proof without revealing the armada of spaceships concealed in the clouds manufactured by God’s crews for the soul reason of disguising their craft. It was only when God wished a ship to be revealed that the chosen earth men set eyes on them, still not fully realising what they were witnessing hence, the vague and mystic descriptions of the event whenever this occurred. Matthew, Seventeen Verse Five is another example of this when he says “while he spake, behold a bright cloud overshadowed them. And behold a voice out of the cloud which said this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Hear ye him.” It’s plain to see from this recollection where the mystique arises from but why has this continued into the twenty first century?

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