Sunday, 14 December 2008

perpetual motion

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The propulsion of these craft would have to take the form of something never accomplished on earth. Someone in Britain was, (and probably still is), experimenting with gyroscopes with the aim of space flight in mind. Ezekiel’s mention of the strange objects in front of him, speaks of wheels in the formation of a gyroscope, (“a wheel within a wheel”) is the way it is described. Even today it is very hard to picture this vision he is trying to describe to us as, we can only surmise what Ezekiel is trying to portray when we read his version of events, therefore, the gyroscope is the nearest invention I can think of, for a source which would enable enough thrust, to generate a silent running pollution free engine. That is just a less likely answer I have come up with but it is an example of the problem Ezekiel had to overcome. If you look at a jet engine from the front it could be described as a wheel inside a wheel by someone who has never set eyes on modern aircraft. The turbo blades turning inside the outer casing could be seen as a wheel within a wheel. We will go with the more futuristic idea of a gyroscope generating more power than it uses powering the crafts electric circuits which in turn would keep the gyroscopes turning providing all the thrust and power to keep them going, (Or in other words perpetual motion). He also says “when they went they went upon their four sides and they turned not when they went.” Giving the impression that the propulsion units were situated at the four corners of the craft and, as it lifted the wheels showed no sign of movement just the impression gyroscopes would make. God’s crews have obviously perfected some way of harnessing energy enough to propel their crafts and to power all the advanced instruments required to conquer space travel. If by some method they have produced propulsion from gyroscopes, then it is possible that by constructing them from a metal found only on Heaven, they have come across the secret of perpetual motion. The mother ships would be propelled in this way although; the gyroscopically propelled engines probably would not be as prominent as the jet engines on the wings of our aircraft thus, allowing the craft to be shaped in a way, as to disguise it. They would have an easy unobstructed passage through space, until they reach the required destination, their sophisticated electronics keeping them a safe distance from any obstacle or space debris that would endanger them.

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