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Exaggerated promotion of holiness by churches

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Some of the names omitted were Peter, Judas and Mary to name but a few and it is thought by some that Mary was Mary Magdalene of whom it is also thought that she married Jesus. As far as I am led to believe the gospel of Mary gives rise to this fact; a fact that the church leaders choose to hide from us as Jesus being married does not fit in with what they wanted us to believe. But as Jesus although being the son of God was born to a woman from earth why, did they not want us to think that he had earthly feelings? Although Mary was a virgin she was still the daughter of earth parents so that makes Jesus part earth man and part of God from Heaven whose semen was used to artificially inseminate Mary who, in turn would give him the genes and emotions of an earthling. They wanted to make him as unique as his father who was holy to them through his deeds which in these day were classed as miracles (one of which was artificially impregnating Jesus’ mother the Virgin Mary) while keeping the Christian faith alive. One of the reasons Jesus was born was to emphasize God’s presence on earth not to create the myth that surrounds him now. The exclusion of these gospels, although most of them were discovered from late nineteenth century into the mid twentieth century are a definite example of the church leaders using the records of the past to suit there beliefs and creating Christianity through Jesus life and not Gods, wanting Jesus to be as pure as they thought God was. There have been opportunities for the churches of today to rectify the omission of the lost gospels but until now they have chosen to ignore them as they would demean the message they are trying to get across. We will get to the published gospels later on in this book using the King James Version along with a newer version but for now we will continue with the old, testament.As mentioned before, as more years passed since God showed his presence on earth, the less likely his word or, his existence is believed. The congregations of today break most of God’s laws and convince their selves that they are doing enough to please him. They have not yet witnessed his power, so they think they are escaping the wrath that God can bring upon them. If only they would read the parts of the Bible that has been ignored recently and see God in his true colours, this world might once again become the God fearing place it should be.
In Deuteronomy chapter two and verse twenty to twenty one we have another mention of giants which I’ll quote “That also accounted a land of giants; giants dwelt therein in old time; and the Ammonites call them Zummims; “A people great and many and tall as the Anakims; but the Lord destroyed them before them; and they succeeded them and dwelt in their stead;” This tells of another giant nation on earth other than the Anakims and although they were destroyed also, it proves it is possible that giants existed on earth when God and his crews were here and could have helped in the building of the pyramids.
When preachers try to drum into us their interpretation of the bible they sometimes quote small snippets from various parts of the book thus taking the verses out of context but in doing so it helps them to solidify their point. I am trying to do something similar by taking the snippets about giants, spaceships,loudhailers and men flying with power packs on their backs to make my points although the preachers barely mention them as they have no real conception of, them and it would not enhance their theories of the spiritual aspect they are trying to put across.
I am giving you my interpretation or my theories which should make a lot more sense given what we know now compared to what the prophets knew then and the preachers in most religions shy away from now.
In Deuteronomy God is reminding the Israelites what he had done for them and while doing so had proved how mighty he was and if they did not obey him they would suffer just like the other nations that are mentioned in the first books of Moses and be obliterated.
(The commandments are quoted in the fifth chapter of Deuteronomy and if they are not obeyed genocide is threatened again.)
Still in Deuteronomy in chapter thirty one verse fifteen we have God appearing again which I will quote “And the Lord appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud; and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” God or his angels always appear with some mystery surrounding them like cloud or fire or a whirlwind which would have been mysterious then, but NOW? I don’t think so. It should be obvious to us in the twenty first century what these appearances really are and if we had the opportunity to see these visions we would have a very different description of them.
The fire would be rocket thrust, the cloud would be engine exhaust and the whirlwind would be caused by rotor blades of sorts although, that does not mean that they are not a more advanced method of transport than we have but that is probably the only way we could find to compare them to what we have developed. As for the angels well, we already have a man flying with wings aided by a power source (Yves Rossy) so, there would be less fear of the mystery factor if we did happen to be confronted by any of these machines now.

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