Thursday, 11 December 2008

recent u.f.o. sightings

Theologians are asked many questions they do not have answers to, and rather than admit that they have no explanation they use the tactics of politicians by going round the houses, evading the issue rather than consider God evolving somewhere in space. One answer I frequently received when putting them under duress was, we are not meant to understand everything, it tells you that in the Bible. That is all very well, but the scriptures were written by people trying to understand what was happening then, and trying to describe things they had never experienced before. Feeble excuses have no justifications in today’s world of advancing technology, when we can see with our own eyes the potential of the real truth lying out there beyond the stars. The scientists would rather believe that they are discovering new techniques and cures, rather than have to admit to a superior being from space having already perfected life. The astronomers would like to think they are discovering space and are leaders in the study of the stars, while in reality the giant leap they spoke of when stepping on the moon was actually only a small step for mankind in comparison to the actual knowledge still to be uncovered by them. The archaeologists might have their moment of glory yet, if they get the chance to excavate in the correct place or planet while the astronomers might be allowed inside information on the stars the way the Inca’s were. To quote from the book of Proverbs “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” God is attempting to tell us in the scriptures, of their existence and how we are not interpreting their clues correctly by closing our eyes to the truth. When I looked at the possibilities of our friends from the planet Heaven, being much larger in stature in comparison to us, I then remembered an article published in “THE SCOTTISH DAILY RECORD” on June 6th 2000 which, could shed some light on this theory, giving credibility to this book while, this book could also give credibility to their article. I quote (Hush-hush file on giant UFO.) A SCIENTIST has revealed details of a startling UFO sighting over Scotland after winning the right to see secret Government files. Research chemist Colin Ridyard had asked the Ministry of Defence for information about UFO sightings between July 1998 and July 1999. At first the M.O.D refused insisting UFO sightings were highly classified and only released to the public after 30 years. They released the information as a one-off exercise, after Cohn appealed to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. One report reveals that on February 15 last year, an air traffic controller in Scotland spotted a strange blip on his screen. Its size and brightness suggested a very large object traveling at 3000mph over the Scottish coastline, heading south-west to Belfast. According to radar, the object was 10 miles long and two miles wide. Two minutes later, it vanished from the screen. Cohn has now called on the Government to be more open about their UFO files.)
Since then other similar genuine U.F.O. sightings have been released by the government which totally baffled the respected observers and investigators of the objects seen by eye and on radar. It would take spaceships of this size and capacity to roam the skies the way we have suggested, also the three thousand miles an hour it was doing would have been a slow cruising speed, as they surveyed the scene below. When God’s commanders came down to earth’s surface they would use smaller craft, emerging from the mother ships concealed in the manufactured clouds above, as some verses in the Bible suggest to me.

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