Thursday, 4 December 2008

Decide what is genuine.

God stood by Joshua and helped him defeat the tribes that stood in his way, one of which was the Giants known as Anakims (mentioned earlier) which could have been descendants of the Devil’s crews, as none of their remains have ever been found on earth. They had been defeated to extinction and the only logical reason for their total disappearance can be is, that their remains were taken of the earth and back to their original planet unlike, the nations that have totally disappeared they, will not be welcome in Heaven and would end up in Hell, where it will be the Devils decision whether to reincarnate them or not as he never promised everlasting life to his followers. It was God who promised us eternal life on Hell if we disobeyed him. You hear of earthlings being able to talk to the dead or others telling us what lies ahead, be it good or bad. Clairvoyants and mediums are often scoffed at by folk who do not want to believe or, are afraid of the unknown. It is possible that through God some people could perform these feats and it is most likely that the people who, pretend to be able to do these things came up with the idea to con gullible folk by watching genuine mediums perform. There are examples of how God’s crews can contact humans by mental telepathy, some we have already mentioned, while others will follow. If God wishes us to receive messages from our dead relatives then he will have chosen a few genuine mortals who can receive telepathic signals in a much more believable way than the con artists, while utilizing their faith and power to do so. It is up to us to decide which is the genuine article and which is not, but I think God would send the genuine one to the recipient, making it look coincidental rather, than in desperation them going looking and grasping at straws for a message they want to hear rather, than need to hear.

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