Wednesday, 24 December 2008

different tactics

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By this time God was using his son Jesus to convince the earthlings of the dangers in front of them and the choice they had to make to determine their final destination. God had to persuade as many people as he could to live good lives and be good people if they wanted to reach that perfect planet at the center of space, so he put his son through great trials to demonstrate the powerful technology they had accumulated through the billions of years they had, perfecting everything in every walk of life. Jesus recruited humans to assist him who were to be known as his disciples and as he went about his cause he showed his powers of healing people who would never have been cured by the primitive doctrines on earth. What appeared as miracles to people two thousand years ago were just everyday happenings on Heaven. The medical knowledge God had perfected turned out to be very useful in convincing earthlings of their great intellect rather than the violent deeds and genocide which he had used before. Jesus went among the people and tried to explain to them all about his father, and how he was up there watching over them, how he was here from the planet Heaven, to help them in any way he could, trying to eradicate any fear the earthlings had about the strange goings on in the skies above. He had to take care not to be too explicit, avoiding any use of words like spacecraft (if, that was the name they, used for them) or say too much of his fathers journeys between the planets or they would shrug him off as being insane. Even today, the suggestion of God being from another planet is scorned at, although each new breakthrough in medicine and invention is proving it to be the most logical explanation. The great healing powers though, a help, were not enough to convince all the people so other wonders were unfolded to prove to us the good intentions of this superior race that had reached our planet. The laws brought from their planet which had to be obeyed by the earthlings if, they wanted to achieve the everlasting life promised, by these visitors from Heaven did not go down well with most folk as, is human nature they wanted their cake and to eat it also. The rules were made plain to them and as the word of these, unearthly wonders began to spread it was pointed out what the options were, if they failed to abide by the laws laid down by God the master of the universe. The earth is going to cease to exist and they are coming back to help evacuate the planet, saving those worthy of gracing their planet heaven. They are giving us enough time to make our minds up, whether to comply with their ways or be left for the devil’s ships which will take us to his terrible planet Hell, where evil originated from and will continue for eternity. God will keep his Heaven that idyllic place he promised us by making sure no evil of any kind will enter his kingdom. Further proof of this is in one of the chapters written by Matthew when he describes the glories of Heaven and how and his commanders will “sever the wicked from the just!” Thus assuring us and them that there will be no undesirables on their, planet to disrupt the tranquility of this great place we are bound for. He refers to it as the other world, and having it described to him by God and the crews of his ships what else could it be but another planet, their planet, their world, Heaven! The probes being sent out by earthlings to the planets within our limited reach will only prove there is, no other life in close proximity to us and one of the main reasons for this will be that we would only do it harm rather than good. Life as we know it is far beyond our reach and it is the primitiveness of mankind that makes the highly intelligent space travelers From Heaven, wary of visiting earth too often.

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