Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Excavating graves. Will there be consequences?

As Moses neared the end of his life span on earth, his leadership was passed over to Joshua with the approval of God, and so the story was continued by Joshua. It states in the Bible where Moses died and was buried. It also tells you in (Deuteronomy chapter thirty four verse six) “no man knoweth of his sepulcher unto this day.” This makes you wonder about other prominent characters in the Bible and the fact that none of their graves have been discovered even though embalming was carried out on some corpses. Some of them died in the same years as prominent Egyptians and when you think of the excavations that have taken place, uncovering tombs of Kings, grave robbers discovering skeletons and treasures, there has never been any sign of God’s contacts from earth. The commanders and crews of his spaceships were immortal just like God as they had discovered the secret of everlasting life so, there would be no graves needed for them. The contacts like Moses on the other hand who did die were promised everlasting life by God, so although the bodies were buried their souls would still have gone to heaven in whichever form that is, to live the life promised, which means the bodies of these people might, or might not still be on earth. On leaving Deuteronomy I will quote chapter thirty four verse ten “And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face.” Moses had been lucky enough to have conversed with God and through this gained his trust therefore God told him of things past, present and of things to come. People like Moses and the other prophets have already earned their place in Heaven by the time of their death, whereas people like us will have to wait till Armageddon before a decision is taken on our destination. If we are to be reincarnated will our bones he needed to extract D.N.A? Do the rituals we go through with our dead, burying them in consecrated ground, with the comforting thought of seeing them in Heaven mean Gods crews will need some part of our earthly bodies to recreate our image in Heaven? Will the desecration of graveyards or the tombs of the Egyptians, prevent these dead people access to Heaven? We should consider these things before we excavate these places in the name of science and although the graves maybe ancient, the remains in them might be significant.

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