Friday, 5 December 2008

Making our choices

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The Bible mentions about false prophets and disbelievers all through it and of the devils influence on the human race. We as an intelligent people are left to decide who to follow, God and his commanders and crew, or the devil and the folk who chose his ways, just as we are left with which medium is genuine and which is not along with all other important decisions we will have to make concerning our destiny. We are afraid of looking and feeling foolish, when discussing the paranormal and it makes us wary of whose company we broach the subject among. Anyone who realises they wasted money listening to (false prophets) have cause to mock people who recall genuine experiences, but they have to accept it was their choice going to a medium, instead of waiting for the message to come to them. God’s commanders are not on hand personally all the time, although they are the main overseers, acting on the supreme God’s instructions they have their own messengers who they use when they cannot be on hand. Visions were shown to the prophets to assist them in the writing of the scriptures which in turn, was supposed to help us, unfold and understand our origin, evolution and destiny. Why do we find it so strange that God’s people are using chosen humans to relay anything they deem important to the necessary recipient? We all receive messages from God in various ways our task is to figure out which is the genuine one from God and which is the evil one from the devil. This task proves to be very difficult most of the time but with a true faith good always triumphs over evil. God will ensure any message he wants us to receive will reach us and if it means through other humans then, so be it. We are taught to have faith and that is just one way of testing us amid helping us to find strength in our convictions. While many people discard the paranormal to your face it is only through fear of the unknown cropping up again, that makes them wary. More than likely they know it is possible just as God and his crews being friends from planet Heaven are, but it all comes down to that jigsaw in front of them, minus the main piece (proof positive) and because they don’t have it they discard it. Joshua had no trouble believing in God as it was God who helped him conquer the lands promised to Moses and his people. Like Moses he had personal contact with God and knew first hand of his power, and after he had gained control of the Promised Land he ceased fighting for a time, as he was growing old, but it was God who pointed out that more land was there to be possessed. The great God that the churches preach about is the same God responsible for the slaughter of all the living things within the walls of Jericho. It is here in Joshua chapter six verse twenty where the walls of Jericho are brought down by trumpets but we have to ask if they really were trumpets or some weapon given to Joshua by God to aid his army in the slaughter authorized by God. Here God shows there is no quarter given in his quest to rid earth of its evil. It was only through the fierce reputation of Joshua’s armies with their defeat of the giant Anakims again, with Gods assistance that the rest of the land was handed over to Joshua’s successor Caleb preventing more wars. Here the Bible gives precise details of where Joshua was buried but his grave has never been uncovered by grave robbers or archaeologists which, should he enough proof to the disbelievers that he is already up in heaven. Once Joshua’s era was over other nations were to be conquered with God leading in the battles, he wanted his followers to receive their rewards down here in the form of land until it was time for them to go to heaven and, once again he acted the way any dictator would, giving no quarter until he achieved his goal.

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