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kangaroo court

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It is clear that Jesus is the son of God and is being acknowledged by his father in, this one of many verses. The disciples covered their faces in fear when this happened until Jesus told them not to worry but to keep the vision of the spaceship a secret until HE himself, the son of man had risen from the dead. Even with such a devastating statement the disciples kept their faith in him because by now they had witnessed enough to realise something of an extra terrestrial nature, not a mystical one was taking place. The presence of the armada in the skies was to be their secret for the time being as a great show of power was about to he revealed. The clue is in the sentence which says (risen from the dead). There is no other logical explanation for these visions in the sky other than, what we would call spacecraft and the reason for the next stunning feat can only he put down to perfection in the medical field. Even the disciples found it difficult to grasp what was about to take place, as some of them doubted the amazing power and insight our friends from Heaven had acquired. The son of God was about to play his biggest hand yet, and he knew what he was about to go through. His father the King of Heaven had decided to sacrifice HIM, in a last bid to show the earthlings that pinnacle of perfection they, had reached in Heaven, EVERLASTING LIFE! It was not as big a sacrifice as it has been made out by the churches as God knew he could bring his son back from the dead, although Jesus would, have suffered during his ordeal. Jesus knew he had to die, but he also knew the purpose of his death and that his father would bring him back to life, albeit after much suffering which he would have to endure alone. In Matthew Chapter Twenty Six, Verse Fifty Three it reads “thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?” Verse Fifty Four, “but how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be.” This is referring to the armada above where thousands of angels are at the beckoned call of Jesus to help him in any way, be it fighting or as messengers, or any other task required. Jesus knew he had to go through the motions without any help from the crews in the space stations above as his father wanted to prove his point that he was the almighty. It also proves that the course of history or in this case prophecy cannot be altered regardless of who you are, even if the means to do so are at hand. The important people of the time were envious of the attention Jesus and his believers were receiving, so they hatched a plan to get rid of him, hoping life would get back to what they thought was normal. Understanding the power of Jesus, and not believing in God his father living in the space stations above, they set about his demise. They held a kangaroo court and found him guilty, of blasphemy for saying he was God’s son they, also called him King of the Jews, which allowed them to pass the death sentence. They wasted no time before they marched him through the streets on his death walk to Calvary where he was to be crucified. During this public parade, he along with two criminals were spat on and scorned by the unbelievers, when suddenly a crucial event took place, a member of the public ran forward and placed what was described as a crown of thorns on Jesus head. This is worth bearing in mind as this deed could have had a major part to play in the proceedings. He had been accused of being the ‘King of the Jews”, that was the only excuse they could come up with in their eyes that warranted a crucifixion. Typical of scum like them, they degraded Jesus as much as they could and taunted him to get down off the cross, they had nailed him to. Although that would have been within the power of God and his crews they had a scheme that would surpass even that miraculous deed. Jesus suffered great pain on the cross as all this had to be realistic, and at one point wondered if his father had really deserted him. To make as big an impact as possible they allowed Jesus to die, witnessed by believers and disbelievers alike. During the time of his death, strange things happened to the earth. God’s crews displayed their anger by opening up graves of dead saints, lifting them up into the crafts above and bringing them back to life. They also activated earthquakes and volcanoes causing disruption over the earth’s crust to show their disapproval of man’s deeds (A sign of things to come).
In carrying out these actions, the earthlings began to realise that Jesus had been telling the truth, and most of them, had by this time acknowledged the presence of a power unlike anything ever seen on earth before. Before his death Jesus had befriended a rich man called Joseph, who resided in Arimathaea, having great respect for Jesus he requested permission to take the body of his friend away for burial as a mark of that respect. Permission being granted he wrapped the body in cloth and placed it in a tomb he had dug out of the rock, then enclosed it by maneuvering a large stone over the entrance sealing the grave completely; witnessed by other mourners. The enemies of Jesus who had heard him say he would rise again after three days, were afraid the disciples would play a trick on them and steal the body at night, when no one was around to see them.
They inspected the sealed tomb to make certain Jesus could not escape if he happened to recover then stood guard over it making sure the seal was not broken from the outside. Little did they know how pointless this, was to be as they had the power of God to reckon with. Most people admitted that Jesus was the son of God after witnessing the earthquakes and meeting saints who were known to have died but were now alive again. Only the people who did not want to heed these signs still disbelieved and thought Jesus would never rise from his grave. It must have been plain enough in those days that Jesus and his father had powers of healing as he had shown it often enough, but fear of the unexplainable takes over in the minds of a certain type of human and they just do not, accept things they do not understand. The resurrection of Jesus gives us more evidence to connect him to spacecraft or stations above when the records describe how it took place.

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