Saturday, 13 December 2008

the best shape for spacecraft

There are so many people in the world today who still wonder if there is life out there, with intellectuals around the globe sending out probes and signals in the hope of getting a reply thinking they are the first people to try and contact other beings when all the time they have already had their questions answered in the bible. Some of them will be God fearing folk who go to church and are taught the things written in the bible but they still do not make the connection that, what is in there is exactly what they are trying to find out. There are, people out there but they are far more advanced than we are and they have found us. The visions shown to the prophets could have been sent in various ways, from mental telepathy to some kind of three dimensional image projected down from one of the ships. In many of the prophecies they describe creatures unknown to earth but could still be living on some other planet the Gods have commandeered. Hollywood based some of its epic films on certain Bible stories but, were the visions seen by the prophets actual scenes filmed on some other planet and shown as virtual reality to put “The Fear of God” into earthlings, convincing them of Gods supremacy. The description of earth’s last days run along these lines as you will see when we come to that later. The creatures will be kept away from earth, as they would pose too much of a threat to earthlings, but by revealing them to us in this manner, gives us the impression that they can be summoned up whenever required by Gods commanders and crew. This way there is no chance of the creatures escaping and running amok on earth, but the threat is very much alive as far as humans are concerned. This echoes of the recent cold war between the big powers on earth, displaying their armour as a threat while keeping relative peace in the process, otherwise known as saber rattling. In the case of the prophets, the sheer lack of knowledge of space travel and the stars was enough to astound them, but with each revelation they witnessed, God knew the intended message would be passed on serving its purpose. The fact is that the visions Ezekiel was describing were no creatures, but engine propelled machines,made and used by God and his crews. It must have been awesome trying to describe these sightings and even harder trying to find someone to believe in you. Can you imagine the excitement of the story teller and the jeers of the audience, until they witnessed God and his people with their, own eyes. Earthlings in days gone by were as prone to exaggeration as they are today and by the time the stories get passed down the line they escalated to great heights, more reason for the amazing stories of the prophets to be doubted and scorned as they were. Surely by now we can read the prophecies and form a more up to date picture in our heads than our ancestors and see the likelihood of spacecraft, men from Heaven and space travel being the subjects described in Ezekiel.
Eric Von Daniken has already attempted to tell the world in his book “Chariots of the Gods” that; what is written in Ezekiel can only be, craft from another planet and although I agree with his ideas I have deciphered it in a slightly different way. We have never speculated on the form or the most practical structure the mother ships would take, given the ability and range of them. The newspaper clipping would suggest a large cigar shape, although other shapes such as spherical for instance, would be used. Given time every singular extraterrestrial natural body will take on a spherical shape and it seems with the additional rotational movement, the most conservative means of moving about the skies. The shape of objects in space is influenced by the rotation of Heaven and the follow on effect from the Big Bang as far as the outer most grain of dust so, it could follow that this is the way to build spacecraft to achieve maximum efficiency.

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