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the virgin birth

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In the Gospels recorded in the New Testament we are told the same story of the birth and crucifixion of Jesus, by four different people, each with a slightly different angle just, as newspapers of today would react to the birth and death of someone as famous. Taking into consideration that this was two thousand years ago, and Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary, we have to admit extra terrestrials are the most likely cause. In today’s world of modern medicine we know how this can be achieved, as artificial insemination is becoming more common place every year, but in the days of Jesus’ birth, earth people were not capable of such feats and virgins giving birth had never been heard of. God thought the only way he could keep his son from inheriting the evil nature most earth men had was to artificially inseminate with his sperm, a virgin held in high esteem and respected by all who knew her, and who had a husband that would understand the situation and have the courage to go through with the amazing event. Before, the pregnancy was explained to Joseph, he naturally thought Mary had been with another man and was about to send her away just as many unmarried women with embarrassing pregnancies have been treated down through history. The story never mentions Joseph’s parents or in-laws reactions to the matter, although, we can imagine what it would have been like especially, in those times, but once all these factors were dealt with and the truth explained to Joseph he finally agreed to care for Mary as she brought God’s son into the world. The explanation must have been made very clear to Joseph of, why Jesus was to be pure in mind, body and soul, and that this method in which Mary was to became pregnant would be the only way to insure this, as with him being a mere mortal this would he the only way to save his pride. Men in today’s world would need to agree to this beforehand and witness all the stages of conception, assuring them nobody else had breached their precious property taking away their self respect and credibility with it. God’s son was to be born on earth to prove once and for all to everyone who doubted his existence, that he was real and all powerful over the universe. God and his crews must have wondered where their experiments to create a good people on earth went wrong. They had expected to experience the evolvement of life as they knew it hoping, that integrating and assisting the different races to grow would improve life throughout the universe making everywhere a Utopia for us to live. The devil’s influence had taken more effect on these races than he had anticipated, and other planets held more danger than Heaven. The Heavens, God ruled were perfect in every way and if he was going to keep his promise to his human creations whilst, keeping a Utopia up there then, this drastic plan of action had to be carried out to improve the nature of these earthlings. He thought if he could send a son of his own down among these people he would show through him, his dedication to us. He had tried by destruction and warnings to no avail, so this was his last chance to convert us and our last chance to listen and be reassured there was, a planet Heaven where he originated from. We were warned by the prophets in the Old Testament, but with our lack of knowledge of inner space found their stories hard to believe. Enough information has been unfolded to us by now, through being able to reach further out into the universe enabling us to understand more of what happened in the past and what the future holds for us. Here you have my way of translating the gospels and by doing so, laying bare the ultimate secrets, the final piece of the jig-saw man has striven for.

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