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angels with wheels

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In Chapter five it verifies that God and his crews centered their earth mission in Jerusalem, a place they helped create and will become more relevant later. We have to remember that Ezekiel was chosen as a prophet and his job was to warn what was, or is, going to befall earth when the last days approach and what we have to do to survive these horrific events, also that we can be punished by God before this if, we continue to disregard his existence. Chapter six is explaining that when the word of the prophets reach other countries their stories will become distorted through time and distance and as there is no positive evidence of their existence, false Gods will be invented to worship. Was this not the case with the Vikings and other races I have mentioned in this book? Only in years to come, when God returns with his crafts and the earthlings see the proof first hand, will they realise that God and his crews the Bible tells of are, travelers from a PLANET called Heaven and they do exist. Although most religions on earth make God out to be all good, belies the fact that he is only going to save and reward the ones who deserves it. We tend to forget the punishments handed out to unbelievers in the Bible and the terrible atrocities brought to bear on them by the supreme God. Chapter seven reminds us of this in no uncertain terms, where in Verse Four states, “and mine eye shall not spare thee, neither will I have pity, but I will recompense thy ways upon thee, and thine abominations shall be in the midst of thee, AND YE SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD.” Verse seven goes on to tell of how in the last days, when the evil that will end earth’s existence begins, God’s ships will be there to save us, but only once they judge to see if we are fit to live the rest of our lives on their planet Heaven, or if we will be banished to the Devil’s ships and taken to Hell. Try Verse Eight onwards for confirmation and bring to mind that we have to answer for the way we conduct ourselves down here. The God we have been brainwashed into believing in is more human that we have been taught not, a ghostly vision. The human element is there although, evolved on a different planet, the likenesses are the same as us here on earth after all we were made in his likeness. God from Heaven evolved from the same matter as we did its only their abundance of knowledge, accumulated over the billions of years start they had on us, plus their ability to utilise every useful morsel in the universe by reaching them first that makes them the superior race of all the stars within and out, with our vision. Even so we are told not to be afraid of them because they don’t mean any harm to the good of earth. It stands to reason that if they have perfected life up in their own planet, they won’t want evil, pollution or disease carried back to upset the tranquillity of Heaven.
Evil and the devil’s presence are still on earth and the rivalry between the planets of Heaven and Hell still goes on although the dispute between God and the Devil is over as each has their own planet now. The Devil is still attempting to lure people to his planet to assist in the running of it, whereas God has perfected his planet and when the good go there, they will experience that perfect life promised to us by him. Chapter Eight gives us the impression of a vision taking shape among shimmering laser lights where a journey of virtual reality begins, if you just picture a computer today, with each press of the mouse, unfolding chambers leading through each phase until your goal is reached or, the story told, then you should be able to understand Ezekiel’s attempt at describing his virtual reality experience, even though the computer used would be far superior to anything we have on earth today. It goes to prove, for every new invention we come up with here, the Gods have already perfected it long ago. All through Chapter Eight, verses begin with “he said unto me” or God guiding Ezekiel through his journey of virtual reality, instructing him on how to use the complicated device, showing him the events God wished him to see. Even at the beginning of Chapter Nine it says “he cried also in mine ears with a loud voice saying,” which could be God’s equivalent to our earphones, although a much more sophisticated version, (like an implanted micro-chip) or simply mental telepathy would be a more likely answer. The virtual reality helmets could be used for various things, but still run on the same basis that we use them for on earth. It carries on into Chapter Ten when we have a description of the space craft again and in Verse Ten, “as for their appearances they four had one likeness, as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel.” A reference to the gyroscopic power source situated at each corner of the craft used by the crews traveling to and from the mother craft in the sky above. Verse Sixteen of Chapter Ten would confirm this if the events were described by someone from this century, instead of a person from so far back in time. “And when the cherubims went, the wheels went by them, and when the cherubims lifted up their wings to mount up from the earth the same wheels also turned not from beside them. Just to give more credence to my theory I will have to stress the fact that these visions, called angels, have wheels which when depicted in paintings or in imaginations, do not have wheels! Now, do you agree that it is time to look at them through different eyes? In Verse Twenty One where we read again, “Every one had four faces apiece, and everyone four wings and the likeness of the hands of a man was under their wings. Ezekiel’s descriptions of these events are difficult for us to understand but would that not be the arms of the man under the wings of his power source? This seems to be a clear indication of craft like this being on the earth, if not, what else would it have been. When we think of visitors from another planet we should not always think of them as warriors with all the doom and gloom, portrayed by the cinema, they are after all just like us, and although there is plenty violence on earth we also have our light hearted moments, as will they. The description of the spacecraft could be made more difficult for us to understand if they had transfers or murals covering outer bodywork the way truckers of today have or if some of their craft were moulded in the fashion of creatures faces similar to the way some vehicles on our roads appear to have a face and personality. This would make it harder for earthlings of days gone by to describe the strange features on the craft and, if faces of creatures from far off planets were painted on them it is easy to see how Ezekiel would have been confused with this vision before him never, seen on earth, until that moment. There has never been anything on earth resembling these descriptions, other than then, when we were being visited by our friends from Heaven. Try as I might I just cannot get the full picture of these flying machines or, the actual way they are propelled, but when we get our chance to see them it will all become clear.
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