Thursday, 18 December 2008

lost cities

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Relics of lost cities have been discovered lately in the Mediterranean Sea and in my view the geographical site of Tyrus would have been in that area. When its position is mentioned in the Bible it states “thou art situated at the entry of the sea which are a merchant of the people for many isles.” That could be the Straits of Gibraltar, or possibly, at one time the Red Sea had a natural passage into the Mediterranean Sea, where Tyrus would be more likely to be and nearer to where the relics of ancient cities are being found also there are plenty islands in the Mediterranean Sea so it fits the description. The city of Alexandria which was once the capital of Egypt is in this area also, but we know for sure how it was destroyed (two earthquakes destroyed it in the 14th century A.D.) and that the great structures which adorned it can be found under the sea close to where they stood. The lost City of Atlantis is thought by some to be a myth, but these stories do not arise out of nothing, and this could be one of the cities destroyed by God in the same area as no one really knows where it actually was situated. It is thought, by those who believe it exists; situated around the islands in the eastern side of the Mediterranean which are all in same area mentioned. Although the description of Atlantis’ demise sounds like a volcanic eruption the weaponry in the crafts belonging to God could have given the same effect as in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.In Ezekiel Chapter Twenty Nine, it speaks of “a great dragon that lies in the midst of his rivers.” could this be the Sphinx that Gods giant people had helped erect years ago, now caught up in a flow of water between the two seas which lasted for a short time but long enough to engulf Tyrus? There are signs that the Sphinx has been eroded by water around its base and the exact date of when it originated has been put in some doubt recently. God and his commanders were responsible for bringing the Pharaohs of Egypt to earth and spent many years among them, helping to establish an educated nation on this planet but when the Egyptians became too powerful and confident, God decided to punish them, bringing about their downfall. Their lands became desolate and arid, that were once fruitful, which adds to my speculation of a river or a channel of water between the two seas which would have provided irrigation for the crops plus more sea ports for other merchandise to come and go. We know the river Nile flooded at certain periods providing the Egyptians with plenty of water for their crops perhaps there was another river in the vicinity running into the Nile with the Sphinx standing where they met. God had the power to flood this area engulfing Tyrus which could have stood near enough or low enough for this to take place. Look at the damage inflicted in some of our low lying areas around the world in this day and age that are close to the sea or rivers. He also has the power to dry up the same areas as he proved when he inflicted the punishment on the Egyptians leaving their lands arid. The Nile would recover in years to come and be as it is today. Ezekiel Chapter Thirty Verse twelve, “and I will make the rivers dry, and sell the land unto the wicked. And I will make the land waste, and all that there is therein.” Chapter Thirty Two Verse Fifteen, “when I shall make the land of Egypt desolate.” This may explain the destruction of Tyrus and cities like them which must have been low lying or, near to the sea and were covered with water as punishment from God then going to the other extreme by drying out the land depriving the Egyptians of the life preserving substance to a degree and killing two birds with one stone so to speak, turning land once covered with water to desert, while flooding the wicked cities which would lie undiscovered under water for centuries to come. God and his commanders had spent many years among the Egyptians, at the time of the Pharaohs but as their power grew swiftly, because of this and as they were beginning to take the credit for the fantastic work of the crew of giants that helped them God withdrew their aid, bringing about the downfall of the very race they had assisted down through the years. God’s crews had to prove to every nation that they were all powerful even if it took violence and disasters to achieve this. All these events are recorded in Ezekiel, and we only have to look at the evidence in the Middle East to give us definite proof that these things happened. If it is not people from another planet that Ezekiel is speaking about, why is there no sign of the strange craft he is trying to describe and why are the wonders of then, if carried out by earthlings, not occurring now?

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