Friday, 19 December 2008

real angels

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Chapter Thirty Seven of Ezekiel makes me realise the importance of having our remains kept buried and untouched until the God’s return to make their promise of everlasting life a reality. Not so very long ago mankind would never believe such a feat possible and when reading the Bible wondered, just how it could be carried out if at all. With each advancement man makes in medicine, each promise of the God’s becomes more understandable. I used to wonder, how we could live forever! How was it possible to come back from the dead? God has shown Ezekiel, who in turn is telling us that it is possible, through his demonstration of bringing an army back to life from a pile of dried bones, and I quote, “the hand of the Lord was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones.” Note, Ezekiel never traveled by donkey which was the main means of transport then, he traveled by some kind of craft which he describes as “the spirit of the Lord”. Verse five, “thus saith the Lord God unto these bones, I will cause breath to enter into you and ye shall live.” The chapter goes on to describe how God brings a pile of bones back from the dead, in a way that is almost possible in today’s world with our advances in D.N.A and cloning. Archaeologists think they can desecrate graves without repercussion of people who lived hundreds of years ago, but it makes you wonder if in the future, when, “the dead in Christ shall rise,” that the harm done at that time might make a difference then! Probably not, as nothing seems to be impossible to God but we should still give it some consideration when excavating the graves of our ancestors as they in their form now, might be looking down on us and watching the way we deal with their remains.
God has shown Ezekiel by this deed that they have the means to overcome any obstacle, standing in their way. They have allowed secrets to unfold, to the chosen few and through the prophets tried to warn mankind, just how powerful and advanced their nation beyond the stars has become. Before we leave Ezekiel, bear in mind that the paintings hung around our art galleries and palatial buildings of cherubim s and angels with feathered wings and human faces have brainwashed us into believing, they are the true images of the power packs or small craft God and his people used while carrying out their duties on earth. In reality, a cherubim was a type of spacecraft the angels (as they had come to be known by) used to travel between earth and the mother ship above. The angels were messengers of god who would have looked as normal as we do but by their use of the cherubim s, (small aircraft used within earth’s atmosphere) they have been depicted with feathered wings, in Greek legend and such like philosophy from the vague descriptions given in the Bible. At the time, when the first images of these angels were being brought to life in paintings or statues by famous artists of the past, birds were the only known thing to man that could fly, so it stands to reason that the images conjured up in their minds of people flying, would have to be with bird like wings even though the wings depicted could never support in flight, the weight of the bodies they are attached to. If engines and mechanical flight had been invented on earth at that time, a truer definition of these marvels would have been depicted, but sadly the myth of angels and cherubim with feathers gripped the imaginations of their primitive minds and even when man has reached the moon we still hang on to these myths.

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