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were these creatures really mythical?

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The creatures described by John are not known on earth but could have existed on another planet out there as I have already mentioned.
The Bible is not the only place where strange creatures are mentioned. Greek and Roman mythology has many examples of life not found on this earth like the unicorn, or the centaur which is half man and half horse. Myths as far as I am concerned do not arise only out of people’s imaginations but have a definite origin somewhere. Is it not possible that the unicorn could have existed on some other planet along with all the other strange ferocious beasts we have seen depicted in drawings of Greek mythology or read about in Revelation. God and his crews would have visited and utilised many other planets on route during their travels across the vast Universe and would have encountered life forms that had to adapt to the conditions on their own particular planet. It is when we read Revelation that our thoughts should turn again to the stature of these friends from Heaven who if they, have adapted to such an immense planet could be very large compared to us and when you read of their deeds in the last book of the Bible, they must be of great stature to enable them to assist in the mayhem John is witnessing. The Gods and Goddesses of Greek mythology will be the head statesmen and women of other planets, who have been talked about by God’s crews, to selected humans who in turn passed on their, stories which, when becoming distorted as time went past grew into the same realms of fantasy and mythology, God and his crews, and Heaven have become. There are however some recent breakaway religions coming round to a new way of thinking while, maybe not as adventurous as I would like them to be they are beginning to leave some of the mystical and mythical ideas behind and go more for the practical. They are looking at Heaven as a definite place and God and his crews being real people but whether they will go the whole hog and admit that they arrived in space crafts which, is as advanced as you can get, remains to be seen.
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