Friday, 16 January 2009

another chemical reaction

After billions of years all the matter that has been congealed into one big firmament will react again causing the same chemical reaction that caused the last Big Bang to occur, and the whole process will begin again. The rocks, gases along with all the other ingredients that formed the Universe before, will be sent hurling out into space again, to start a new beginning. The evil that had accumulated on Hell will have been scattered back into space along with all the debris, and could rear its ugly head again in a reformed Universe, where God will have to do it all again, to rid outer space of crime and evil by going out to the forming planets to try and control events just as they did before. Perhaps they too will learn more in the years that will pass, and have invented even better equipment enabling them to make the Universe an even safer place to live, eliminating the need to transport any more people between planets, or over populate their own planet with evacuees. As the earth has become much smaller to us with our speedy forms of transport, so too did the Universe become to these space travellers with their amazing technology. We must assume, with their assurance of eternal life that they will have safeguarded against their own planet getting caught up in a rebirth of the Universe by preventing the retracting matter from entering their air space.
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